50+ Cool Recycled Crafts for Earth Day – part 2

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Happy Earth Day everyone. Hope you enjoyed the recycled craft ideas for desk accessories.

Today, we want to show you Unique Furniture * Home Decorations from Recycled Materials. Both these articles are part of this series ’50+ cool recycled crafts for Earth Day’. This site, Fine Craft Guild, is already full of recycled craft tutorials, but adding 50+ seems like the right thing to do to celebrate Earth Day. After all, we have only 1 Mother Earth!

Unique Furniture & Home Decorations
From Recycled Materials

01 Large Storage Box from Recycled Magazines

recycled magazine craft
Used to be at lifewithliane at blogspot.

How To Make Recycled Paper covered Storage Boxes

1. Find a box that is the right size for your storage needs.
2. Cut off the top flaps
3. Line box inside and the edges of the box outside with pretty craft or lining paper
4. Roll many recycled magazine pages around a knitting needle to create rolls that nice and tight
5. Glue the end or each roll before removing from the needle.
6. Before you start attaching your rolls onto your box, look at their colors and sizes vs. the size of the box and create a bit of a pattern with your reeds.
7. With a hot gun / paper glue to attach the magazine rolls onto box. Do a side at the time. Allow ample drying time.
8. Cover with a coat of diluted glue or varnish.

02 Mirror Frame from Recycled Magazines

Recycled Paper Mirror

This mirror used to be for sale at Urban Outfitters. Now you get to DIY (they are no longer for sale). Found via https://www.refashinoso.com, who’s have been too busy for blogging, since 2010, possibly making recycling art instead. (smiles)

03 Poof Made from Recycled Sunday Papers (Free Tutorial)

recycled newspaper stool

By Stovell Design. It takes an artist to come up with this. But the instructions are easy & detailed enough for the rest of us to be able to follow and make one or a couple of these poofs just like them. Need a crochet pillow on top, I believe, but other than that, quite handy. Sign up for our newsletter (no Hotmail/Aol accounts!), and you’ll get a copy of the plans, free. Sign-up form is top right of this page.

04 Tutorial for Paper Rose Wreaths & Other Wall Hangings

recycled magzine roses wreath

05 Cascading Lamps from Recycled Plastic Water Bottles

cascading lighting Eco design by Michelle Brand

6 Recycled Baby Food Jar Chandelier (free tutorial)

recycled baby food jar chandellier
By Natural Home

07 Lamp Shade from Recycled Wool Sweater

recycled sweater lamp

08. Record turned Wall Clock

recycled record clock

By Sew Many Ways

09 Picture Frame from CD Jewel Cases


By Jenn Wa

10 Mosaic from  Recycled Credit Cards Becomes Mirror Frame

mosaic recycled credit cards

11 Outgrown Favorite Dresses Repurposed as Kid Room Curtains


12 Candle Holders from Recycled CDs

recycled CDs Candle Holder
Tip: go beyond candle holders.

By familycrafts

50+ Cool Recycled Crafts

Hope you’ll enjoy these and the other recycled crafts ideas & tutorials in this series:

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