Returns policy

Hey there!

So, you’ve got your eye on one of our fab downloadable patterns. Nice choice! Here’s the deal: once you hit that download button, it’s yours. No takesies backsies.

Why, you ask? Well, think of it like this: once you’ve grabbed that digital goodness, it’s out in the wild. There’s no putting that knitting genie back in the bottle.

Here’s the lowdown:

1. All Sales Are Final

  • When you purchase a downloadable pattern, it’s yours for keeps. This means no returns, no refunds, and definitely no tradesies for your roommate’s half-eaten sandwich.

2. Digital is ‘Forever

  • Just like your favorite meme, once our patterns are downloaded, they’re yours forever. If you accidentally deleted it (we’ve all been there), don’t sweat it. Just check your email for the original download link.
  • Forever…?! Well, actually, as we update/alter our patterns from time to time, we have recently started to restrict their availability to a customer for 1 year and in most cases 10 downloads. That way we avoid fraudulent bots doing funny things to our patterns, like downloading it a 000 times. But if you need longer access or more downloads, no worries. Just drop us a line! We’d love t hear from you and chances are we’ll throw in a freebie for you when you do. Who would not love to hear from long-term customers? We do!

3. Pattern Pondering

  • Not sure if you want to commit? Take your time to mull it over. Stare at those pattern photos, read the descriptions, and picture yourself in those cozy knits. Once you’re sure, go ahead and make that click. Our patterns are already much cheaper than elsewhere. But that does mean that we have no margin for absorb the Paypal/credit card cost of the transaction, twice.

4. No Buyer’s Remorse

  • We’re all about good vibes and good yarn. So, make sure you’re ready to dive into your next knitting adventure before you hit “buy.” Because, trust us, you’re going to love it.

5. Support Squad

  • Stuck on a stitch? Don’t freak out. Hit up our support team. While we can’t take your pattern back, we can definitely help you untangle any knots you might get yourself into.

Remember, knitting (and crochet and sewing) is all about the journey, not just the finished piece.

We’re here to make that journey awesome, one stitch at a time.

Happy knitting, crafting, and creating!

Rose for The Fine Craft Guild

P.S. Your cat called and said it’s totally okay to make another scarf.