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Mid-July. Any day now, your kids can come up with the dreaded “I’m bored. I have nothing to do + nothing to play with” – revelation. As you have no Thing 1 and Thing 2 to pop out of your hat, be prepared in other ways. Shop now for some great summer craft project books.

Here’s a fabulous list of Craft Books for Kids with summer crafts to learn and enjoy, and produce wonderful things for your home, to play with, to give away or to eat. These 10 recommended craft books for kids, filled with projects to keep those little hands and minds busy, all summer long. Most books explain a range of craft techniques associated with different projects.

I have found that some books are specially geared towards girls, and other that are perfect for boys. In my list below, there are craft paint books. Of course, there are some focused on eco-friendly crafts, because after all, I am an environmentalist. You will find kids summer crafts that are designed as summer camp crafts. Don’t worry about that as they would make equally good summer kids crafts for home or beach. Last but not least, I have included my personal favorite books in this book list.

So, without further ado: the kids book list for summer crafts

This Best Summer Craft Books for Kids -list has been improved over many years. For kids of all ages. It now contains wonderful craft books on the list for the long summer break, but for other occasions. E.g. to make crafty gifts for Fathers day, for example. These are exactly the kind of projects that my husband would adore making with his girl.

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Best Summer Craft Books for Kids

We are featuring lots of cool crafts for kids yearround. Now almost in summer, as I don’t want kids to be hoovering around the computer all day, my suggestion is to go beyond Pinterest for a change and refer back to some good-old Summer Craft Books for Kids .

Favorite, Most Recommended Summer Craft Books for Kids

Summer Craft Books for Kids are for Adults too!

I have had some of these books for many years and refer back to them all the time. Kids craft techniques tend to be easy, and are thus perfect for my easy & fast grown-up craft projects! Plus, kids craft books tend to have colorful pictures and illustrated instructions, both of which I like.

Small & big kids need kids crafts books for summer. It’s clear. Here is a shortlist of my favorite, recommended kids craft books.

Cool Crafts for Kids, Moms ‘n Dads


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Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects

This book is cool and funky with 25+ Fun Do-It-Yourself Projects for Families, from Stilts and Super-Hero Capes to Tinker Boxes and Seesaws. Not just ‘boy stuff’. Definitely a worthy addition to your collection of summer craft books for kids.


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Complete Book of Art Ideas

My latest love is this summer craft book for kids with a huge range of different art techniques, all presented colorfully, with easy to understand instructions and great appeal to creative kids.

Suitable techniques for a very wide range of age groups, as you can make it as simple or as difficult as you wish. It comes as a spiral bound version, making it so easy to use! Love that!

The picture frame craft project in the featured image is from this book. It truly is one of our favorite summer craft books.


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Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs

Another favorite book is this Children’s Cookbook. That is if you want to raise kids who can cook. We have made lots of recipes and they all turned out wonderful! … beyond ‘merely edible’, they were actually yummy. And, some healthy recipes too!


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I have had this book for years and still I love it: Art Journal Freedom: How to Journal Creatively With Color & Composition is perfect for older kids, teenagers and their creative moms.

This book is not just for art journal-ers: anyone in the mixed media and art/craft arena will find something of value in it.”

Art journaling is a skill that can really improve a person’s outlook on life. It’s best to start kids of young in expressing emotions in their visual story telling. Art journaling has lots of inspiring art ideas and techniques.


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This book is Martha Stewart (expert of DIY dream homes and ideal motherhood) ‘s best shot on keeping your kids entertained all summer long.

Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids: 175 Projects for Kids of All Ages to Create, Build, Design, Explore, and Share


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KLUTZ Nail Style Studio & crafts book (for girls… mostly, I guess)

Last, I want to give a round of applause to the KLUTZ craft books for kids! . They are nothing short of EXCELLENT!! Klutz makes kids craft books that are laser targeted and go right to the hearts of kids. The Klutz craft project books are organized from Baby to 12 year old, into 4 age groups. While presented gender-neutral (politically correct), Klutz attention to detail and appeal to their specific age/gender kid target markets is second to none.

And so is their customer service. I once ordered their book on Nail Ar (view on Amazon). The book comes with a set of tiny nail polish bottles that are kid friendly paint. Ideal! Great photos and inspirational design for lovely fun afternoons. Unfortunately, half of the bottles had dried up, and those were the ‘good’ colors of pink and red! One brief email to Klutz. They respond to me within a couple of hours asking me for my address. They must have put in a new set of paint in the mail that very second, because the replacement kit of paint was here in no-time. Extremely courteous and friendly.


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Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes Craft Kit (One of the Best Crafts books! Bestseller)

  • 10 different Planes with a large variety of patterned papers
  • Comes with 40 sheets of custom-designed paper
  • Includes a 56 page instructional book with Klutz Certified crystal-clear instructions
  • Oppenheim toy Portfolio award; parent’s choise award
  • Recommended for children ages 7+



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Paper Crafts for Kids: 25 Cut-Out Activities for Kids Ages 4-8

From an Origami Cat to a Whirling Windmill to Clothespin Pirate Puppets—there are tons of cool crafts that start with just scissors and a piece of paper. Bursting with a variety of colorful, ready-to-cut templates paired with easy-to-follow instructions, these paper crafts for kids ages 4-8 let you cut, fold, color, and get crafty anytime.

Have a blast piecing together a Unicorn Jigsaw Puzzle, creating a magical Balancing Butterfly, or crafting a cool Owl Hat—all with just scissors, glue, and the paper provided. Some of the crafts for kids ages 4-8 like a Paper Roll Hedgehog or Envelope Scarecrows only need a few household materials you likely have on hand, limiting trips to the craft store. Happy crafting!


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A second book, called Book of ‘Faces’ by Ed on how to draw faces of animals. Fun for both kids, caregivers and teachers.

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This drawing book compliments the prior two and helps kids creates scenes. Check out ‘Make a World’.

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Painting on Rocks for Kids

I am starting with a favorite. This great craft book by Lin Wellford offers well-planned ideas on how to create a wonderful free summer craft using the rocks your kids have found while on summer camp, hiking, or playing on the beach.   While its ideas could be called ‘summer outdoor crafts with rocks’, the actually painting of the rocks can be done equally well on an outdoor picnic table, as an inside craft table.

Check the link here, because I have seen ‘Painting on Rocks for Kids’ advertised on Amazon for less than $1.50! Can’t beat that price for such a wonderful book.

The craft book is classified to be for children ages 9-12. However, it’s really perfect for beginning painters of all ages!

It has been said that it “could be especially useful for teachers, Scout leaders, youth activity directors and anyone who enjoys helping children explore their own emerging creativity. “

This books explains how to paint fish, cars, lizards, flowers, dinosaurs, food, mystery eggs, bugs, houses, bears, faces, names and words on rocks.

Personally, I have ventured into painting abstract art & hearts on rocks.  I must say, that hand-painted rocks have always been popular home decorative items, and make great gifts also.


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With step-by-step photographs and clear instructions, aspiring woodworkers learn essential skills such as how to drive a nail, use a power drill, “measure twice, cut once,” and saw correctly. Then the fun begins, with 17 cool and creative projects kids can build to furnish the wood shop, decorate their bedrooms and homes, and create their own play equipment.

All of these are perfect to take along when going over to a BBQ party with friends and giving the kids something to do while you sip a drink and relax.  

It’s of course best if you pre-plan your craft activities, so that you’ll bring all the necessary craft supplies for you kids’ projects of choice: scissors, tape, colored paper, glue, markers, and other craft tools.


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The American Boy’s Handy Book: Build a Fort, Sail a Boat, Shoot an Arrow, Throw a Boomerang, Catch Spiders, Fish in the Ice, Camp without a tent, and building a fort

by Daniel Carter Beard, who is the co-founder of the boy scouts of America. Do I need to say anything else?

If your kids are not going to camp this year, then just get this book, I’d say.

This arts and crafts book, I think, is also good for expectant parents of a boy, as it will make them look forward to all the fun things you can do with a boy… ;-)

How to Use Craft Books

Even when your little ones are not (yet) bored at home and happy to be with mom, any or all of these summer kids crafts books offer inexpensive ways to organize the kids (cousins) to play together nicely. There are lovely craft projects for summer camp, family ge- togethers, camping trips, or a child summer birthday party.

Want More Craft Inspiration?

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Bookmark this site and come browse around any time for kid craft ideas. Let me know if you find what you need, and how you are using this site. I am interested in hearing back from readers on how to make this craft blog a premiere craft destination online.

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