Best Summer Craft Books for Kids

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I am resubmitting this article on the best summer craft books for kids, because it has this wonderful book on the list that would be perfect for …. fathersday! Yeah… It’s called ‘Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects’ and it offers a man’s perspective on craft. These are exactly the kind
of projects that my husband would adore making for his girl. Perfect, I’d say.

Best Summer Craft Books for Kids

Summer Craft Books for Kids

We are featuring lots of cool crafts for kids yearround. Now almost in summer, as I don’t want kids to be hoovering around the computer all day, my suggestion is to go beyond Pinterest for a change and refer back to some good-old Summer Craft Books for Kids .

Summer Craft Books for Kids are for Adults too!

I have had some of these books for many years and refer back to them all the time. Kids craft techniques tend to be easy, and are thus perfect for my easy & fast grown-up craft projects! Plus, kids craft books tend to have colorful pictures and illustrated instructions, both of which I like.

Favorite, Most Recommended Summer Craft Books for Kids

Alright. Nuff said. Small & big kids need kids crafts books for summer. It’s clear. Here is a shortlist of my favorite, recommended kids craft books.



Just so that dads are not left behind, this book received THUMBS UP from Huffington Post. I have to say that it really has cool and funky projects.

And not just ‘boy stuff’ either.
Definitely a worthy addition to your collection of summer craft books for kids. This book has 25+ Fun Do-It-Yourself Projects for Families, from Stilts and Super-Hero Capes to Tinker Boxes and Seesaws.

Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects


Best Summer Craft Books for Kids
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My latest love is this summer craft book for kids: Complete Book of Art Ideas. It has a huge range of different art techniques, all presented on colorful pages with easy to understand instructions and loads of appeal for creative kids.

Suitable techniques for a very wide range of age groups, as you can make it as simple or as difficult as you wish. It comes as a spiral bound version, making it so easy to use! Love that!

The picture frame craft project in the featured image is from this book. It truly is one of our favorite summer craft books.


UK/Eur – link: Complete Book of Art Ideas



Another favorite book is: DK Children’s Cookbook

We have made lots of recipes from this book and they all turned out wonderful! They were actually beyond ‘merely edible’ and were actually yummy. And, and by golly, some healthy recipes too!

ART JOURNALING I have had this book for years and I love it.


Art Journal Freedom: How to Journal Creatively With Color & Composition is perfect for older kids, teenagers and their creative moms.

This book is not just for art journal-ers: anyone in the mixed media and art/craft arena will find something of value in it.”

Art journaling is a skill that can really improve a person’s outlook on life. It’s best to start kids of young in expressing emotions in their visual story telling. Art journaling has lots of inspiring art ideas and techniques.




This book is Martha Stewart (expert of DIY dream homes and ideal motherhood) ‘s best shot on keeping your kids entertained all summer long…

Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids: 175 Projects for Kids of All Ages to Create, Build, Design, Explore, and Share
Last, I want to give a round of applause to the KLUTZ craft books for kids! . They are nothing short of EXCELLENT!! Klutz makes kids craft books that are laser targeted and go right to the hearts of kids. The Klutz craft project books are organized from Baby to 12 year old, into 4 age groups. While presented gender-neutral (politically correct), Klutz attention to detail and appeal to their specific age/gender kid target markets is second to none.


And so is their customer service. I once ordered their book on Nail Art. The book comes with a set of tiny nail polish bottles that are kid friendly paint. Ideal! Great photos and inspirational design for lovely fun afternoons. Unfortunately, half of the bottles had dried up, and those were the ‘good’ colors of pink and red! One brief email to Klutz. They respond to me within a couple of hours asking me for my address. They must have put in a new set of paint in the mail that very second, because the replacement kit of paint was here in no-time. Extremely courteous and friendly.

Yes, KLUTZ is excellent.

KLUTZ Nail Art & crafts book for girls

Nail Art


One of the Best Klutz Crafts book for boys

It is the Winner of the Parents’ Choice Award!

Or, choose from the many excellent other Klutz craft books for kids.




These books are good for years and years of craft development. We have had these for so long now and still use them. Love ‘m. Inexpensive books.

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This is my first pass at making this book list of Summer Craft Books for Kids. I will expand upon it over time. We own a lot more kids craft books. And new ones come out all the time. And then there are the Kindle and Android craft books, that I have not even talked about.

Check out my prior craft book reviews too. Last but not least, this blog, Fine Craft Guild, contains 1000+ free craft tutorials, including many wonderful free summer crafts for kids. Go to the home page, click related posts, visit the ‘tutorials’ page, or view particular categories.

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