My Favorite Craft Calendars!

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It’s 9 am in the morning, on January 1: Time for a new beginning and some new craft calendars in my home. While I’m all for recycling old calendars and creating your own calendar (In fact, I have an article on how to make your own desk calendar, I could not help it but just needed to whiz over to Amazon, to ‘check’ at what’s new. I know. Some of you buy your calendars in August, but I compulsively have to wait to see what kind of calendar I feel like when it’s January 1. It’s just a different energy at this time of the year… And …psst…  Here’s a savings tip: calendars tend to be a lot cheaper on January 1 as well. What a great way to start the new year!

And yes. Many beautiful, fun & funny top calendars are already on sale. Here are some of my favorite craft calendar finds that are jam-packed with beautiful design ideas and craft projects for the new year.

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