FineCraftGuild is the site where I’ve shared 1500 creative ideas that have dazzled me or that bubbled up in me over the last 10 years. Now, I focus on patterns, but there is so much more under the hoot. Hence my new tag-line: knitting & more.

FineCraftGuild aims to be ‘the destination-blog’ for easy, eco-friendly DIY Crafts & Home Décor tutorials & patterns. It takes inspiration, research, experimentation, practice and time to raise a creative project from ‘good’ to ‘great’. We present easy, inspiring and green how-tos, tutorials and patterns. And we offer extensive input on what works and what doesn’t. This way, we help readers create craft, DIY and decor projects better: simple, economical, beautiful, trendy and eco-friendly.

“As Fine Craft Guild’s Editor, I write this blog under the name of Rose. The ‘Rose’-persona in me lives like an artist, and embellishes pretty much everything in sight. My home is filled with art, crafts and DIY projects.

Travelling is part of my life. Compared to most people, I travel lots and lots! To far and obscure places in The Netherlands, France (Paris!), Italy, Canada and the US and, most recently, London, England. Besides bringing clothes home, I fill my suitcases with fun, decorative and often ‘a bit crazy’ items. You could call them ‘souvenirs’. You can find kitchey aprons from Rome, recycled felt flowers from the US, handmade jewelry and paintings from Canada, vintage table cloths from Italy, soap molts and scrapbooking stamps from China. Over the years I collected stacks of beautiful fabric found on those wonderful Dutch outdoor markets. And the happiest-colored high quality mercerized yarn from Dutch knitting shops, which are just the best stocked in the world, in my opinion.

Circle of Friends,

I also tend to create art projects when I travel. For fun. Some of these may be transient but often ‘something’ from that art experience comes home with me. Even just a photo. Like this sand-tray circle-of-friends. I found this tray with sand somewhere in a shed outside a restaurant somewhere in a seashore village, just North of San Francisco. I poked around the sand with my finger…Then I decided to create a circle of friends, and put love in the center. Now, do you want a tutorial for this? Possibly not. However I had fun creating this setting, just for a photo…. Am I crazy?

I paint. In acrylics, but I don’t write much about this on this blog. Making art is one of those things that I don’t want to teach, but do. But it is here, and no doubt influences my sense of color, composition, etc. in my projects. But mostly, it makes a gigantic mess in my house. Which is why you don’t see a complete house tour, perhaps. (confession… sorry).

abstract art

I think I have landed in the world from pastels, after a decade of bright full-color artwork. Here’s the latest abstract painting that I just made for my friend in Canada who wanted just that: a pure abstract made with the colors of her new sofa, her flooring, her dining room chairs and those lovely turquoise and blue hues that she likes. And there it is. It’s huge! 60 x 24″. Like it it too? She’s happy with it, that’s the main thing. Want a tutorial or tips on how to make your own loft artwork? Or commission an abstract artwork for your living room?

What I do write about is …. everything else craftsy and creative! I love restyling fashion, and make something out of ‘nothing’. I like making cards and bake with kids. And loves bead jewelry, making necklaces, bracelets, etc, to complement my growing range of handmade knitwear and crochet clothing. And I write about all this.

crochet flowers

I learned knitting as a teenager, but my passion for crochet is only 5 years old. These are some of the flowers that are on my craft work table. Actually, they are several projects combined. The rounds were meant to become a crochet girls cardigan. And the pretty crochet flowers, well, they go with just about anything under the sun. Right?!

And, these days, I also loves getting my sewing machine out…. and expect more stories about sewing as well. I know! I tend to write about what inspires me more than write about my actual projects. But I try to include both. Promise. “

Beyond Rose, we feature guest writers – artisans from all over the world, covering all kinds of different crafts. They are people who love to create DIY, Crafts & Home Décor, and have a keen interest in eco-friendly designs.

Aryta ltd

We’ve had two regular guest writers. Janeen van Niekerk, who lives in South Africa, loves paper piecing and Quilting. Every Thursday she features a free post with what started as tips for beginning quilters, and has evolved in a series of free online workshop for easy quilt projects you can do on your own with her detailed, illustrated instructions. When she’s not on our blog, you can find her quilting at, wheres she shares her quilting adventures.

Mondays, the wonderful Tammy Henderson, a natural home decorator has been coming to Fine Craft Guild. Tammy is incredibly creative. (She used to own a craft shop….) Her weekly illustrated tutorials feature DIY beautiful seasonal arrangements that use recycled materials’. Her photos are stunning. They make you overlook that she typically uses mere dollar store trinkets, cheap vintage finds, recycled materials and free garden clippings. Beyond our weekly feature, Tammy writes every day at her beautiful blog

Who else? Occasional writers are active crafters, jewelry makers, quilters, seamstresses, crochet-ers, knitters, home decorators, renovators, furniture DIY-ers, upcyclers and other artists. We share DIY & craft tutorials, tips and techniques on this blog. We feature what inspires us!

Last but not least, behind the scenes at we have a guy dubbed ‘Michael’. He is the technical to-go-to guy. From time to time, he’ll featuring ‘manly’ DIYs.


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