13 Beautiful Crochet Pattern Books

Crochet Patterns

No doubt after a year of cocooning, you’re ready for something new to make. How about treating yourself to some beautiful crochet pattern books? Crochet lovers, here are 11 crochet books to get inspired, improve your crochet skills, make some interesting project as gifts or to spruce up your home and wardrobe.

Beautiful Crochet Pattern Books


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Crochet Techniques & Tips

Crochet Techniques & Tips

Learn crochet stitches and techniques with step-by-step instructions and accompanying photographs.

From your first slip knot to your final stitch, this book covers it all. Crochet Techniques & Tips features easy-to-follow tutorials on how to make more than 20 crochet stitches.

By Beth Taylor


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Blueprint Crochet Sweaters

Blueprint Crochet Sweaters

Do you know designer Robyn Chachula?   Believe it or not but Robyn started her career as structural engineer. For years, she has been applying her unique skill to break down complicated designs into manageable steps. Her writings teach us how to make garments fit with small design modifications.  And, no worries, she makes it easy for us. Her book is called Blueprint Crochet Sweaters: Techniques for Custom Construction (#ad) is not-to-be-missed. Look forward to well-fitting, and thus FLATTERING handmade fashion.


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The Tunisian Crochet Handbook

From fiber artist Toni Lipsey of TL Yarn Craft, an introduction to the craft of Tunisian crochet—a unique crochet style that looks more like knitting—with 20 projects for beginners.


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Crochet Patterns & Projects

Crochet Patterns & Projects features 19 motif and stitch patterns and 19 projects that are perfect for beginners and more experienced crocheters.


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Crochet Animal Slippers

Has 60 fun and easy patterns.

Great for kids.


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Crochet One-Skein Wonders

Sometimes I just buy one skein of a new yarn to test the yarn. And when making projects, many times I have one or tw skeins left over.  Happens to you? If that’s the case than you’ll love this book Crochet One-Skein Wonders: 101 Projects from Crocheters around the World. (#ad)

This crochet book is written by well-known author Edie Eckman and veteran crochet editor Judith Durant. Eckman is author of the bestselling books ‘Around the Corner Crochet Motifs’ and ‘Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs’, as well as ‘The Crochet Answer Book’.  Judith is Founding Editor of Interweave.


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Lacework for Adventurous Crocheters

Adventurous Crocheter? Personally I would not equate lacework with adventure, so this is interesting I’m adventurous. You? Click the book or title to browse inside.

And this beautiful crochet pattern book by Margaret Hubert has the longest title ever:  Lacework for Adventurous Crocheters: Master Traditional, Irish, Freeform, and Bruges Lace Crochet through Easy Step-by-Step Instructions and Fun Projects! (#ad)

Nonetheless, it has very good ratings, and is worth a look.


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The Finer Edge: Crocheted Trims, Motifs & Borders

And this is Kristin Omdahl’s book: The Finer Edge: Crocheted Trims, Motifs & Borders. (#ad) My whole house is being decked out with different crochet edges these days (yes, I am exaggerating) but my ‘well’ of different edge designs has been drying out — they all are starting to look a bit the same.  I like that you can browse into this book for ideas and so you know what you’ll get when you buy.

Even just looking at the cover: how about that splendid crochet edging, third from the left? It looks fabulous enough to buy the whole book for.  And in the book, I love the idea of mermaid scales! Beautiful.

This is Kristin’s 6th book on knitting and crochet. She’s a public crochet & knitting expert on TV as well as in print.


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Simple Crocheting

Simple Crocheting (#ad) Crochet Workshop: Learn How to Crochet with 20 Inspiring Projects

A very pretty’ coffee table’ book, by Erika Knight. It’s filled with charted crochet patterns for darling projects for beginning crocheters who right away want to make stylish projects! Just looking at the book will make you want to go look for your hooks! The stunning photography paired with Erika’s design talent makes for a beautiful book with gorgeous, trendy projects. (Particularly if you can get your hands on the republished UK version of it).


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Connect Motifs

Connect the Shapes Crochet Motifs: Creative Techniques for Joining Motifs of All Shapes; Includes 101 New Motif Designs. (#ad)

Bored with that one granny square that you know by heart. No problem. This book will get your ‘crochet repertoire’ up to add at least 101 new designs, which, when mixed and matched will allow you to make a dazzling array of totally new design ideas


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More Squares

Wanna learn a bunch of different Granny Squares? Well, have a look at the mighty…

The Granny Square Book: Timeless Techniques and Fresh Ideas for Crocheting Square by Square. (#ad)


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Crochet For Kids

Sweet Pea Crochet: 20 beautiful baby blankets & matching gifts (#ad)

Some really fun projects in this crochet pattern books. The baby shoes with stars are just one of many clever crochet patterns for kids.  Also available on kindle for an easy carr- around. I love that these patterns are grouped as gift sets for baby showers, or your own sweetheart of course.


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Crochet Noro

Crochet Noro: 30 Dazzling Designs (Knit Noro Collection) (#ad) was ahead of its time when it first came out. Noro yarn has these dazzling, beautiful colors and color ranges that are fabulous for crochet.

I love this beautiful yarn… and am sure you will too.

Why Crochet Books?

Beautiful crochet pattern books are like treasure troves of creativity and inspiration that every crochet enthusiast should have in their collection. Here are three compelling reasons why everyone, from beginners to experienced crocheters, should consider adding a couple of these books to their crafting library:

  1. A World of Endless Possibilities: Crochet pattern books open the door to a world of endless possibilities. They contain a wide variety of patterns, from classic designs to contemporary creations, covering everything from blankets and garments to intricate doilies and amigurumi. These books provide a rich source of ideas and techniques that can help you grow and diversify your crochet skills. Whether you’re a beginner looking for simple projects or an experienced crocheter seeking a fresh challenge, these books offer something for everyone.
  2. Detailed Instructions and Expert Guidance: Beautiful crochet pattern books often come with detailed, step-by-step instructions and expert guidance. They are invaluable resources for honing your crochet techniques and learning new ones. With clear illustrations and explanations, these books make it easier to tackle complex stitches and intricate patterns. Even if you’re a novice, these books can serve as excellent teaching tools, helping you progress from basic stitches to more advanced projects with confidence.
  3. Aesthetic Pleasure and Inspiration: Beyond their instructional value, crochet pattern books are a feast for the eyes. They feature stunning photography, showcasing finished projects in all their glory. The beautiful visuals can spark your imagination and inspire you to create your own unique crochet pieces. Whether you’re seeking ideas for home décor or fashion, these books provide a wealth of design inspiration that can enhance your crafting journey and add beauty to your crochet creations.

In conclusion, beautiful crochet pattern books are not only practical guides for crocheters but also sources of artistic inspiration and creative joy. They offer a diverse range of patterns, detailed instructions, and visual delight that can enrich your crochet experience and help you develop your skills. Whether you’re a crochet novice or a seasoned pro, having a couple of these books on your shelf can enhance your crafting journey and lead to a world of beautiful handmade creations.

Be inspired and enjoy! But, if you didn’t find what you’re looking for, be sure to peruse my own knitting & crochet patterns instead.

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