Free Crochet Pattern: Garland with Balls

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Latest edition to your free crochet pattern library: wonderful, colorful crochet balls to cheer you up any time of the year.

granny square crochet pattern

Materials Needed

Colorful crochet yarn
Styrofoam balls , left over batting, or old socks for filling

Quick 1, 2, 3 Howto

How to make this crochet garland is easy:
1. You essentially make two half cups, using a typical granny square pattern
2. To create a ball, pop in your filling and crochet two halves together to become one sphere.
3. Rather than fastening off, crochet a chain for as long as you’d like the space between balls to be…
4. Then, take the next two halves to create another ball, etc.
5. Continue till all balls are used up.

Tada: a whimsical crochet garland!

Great party decoration or permanent decor of a craft room, a happy kitchen or a girl’s bedroom.


photo credit & photo tutorial: Spanish blog: Armygurium.

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