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Let me show you how to make a rag rug with crochet – easy pattern for a Modern Rag Rug that uses up all your old rags.

Now that we are in isolation, there is no bringing old clothes to the thrift shops. Last years’ kids T-shirts that no one fits, work shirts with frayed edges, or torn bedsheets in that great color you still love and that matches everything: what to do with all of those?! Trashing them seems costly waste. And it is!

Free Tutorial to Crochet a Rag Rug

How about setting yourself and your family up to make a really beautiful rag rug with them? Something like this:

Source: MyPoppet

Cintia’s Rug

This gorgeous crochet rug was made by Cintia, who blogs at MyPoppet. Cintia gives a list of tips on her blog on how to make this rug, such as ‘work on a flat surface especially as the rug gets larger to ensure the rug sits flat’. Useful tips.

Free Rag Rug Crochet Pattern

Source: Mypuppet

Crochet Rug Tutorial


Make 2″ strips from your old clothes or fabrics. Make your strips as long as possible, so you’ll spend minimum amount of time piecing strips together.

If you want a bit more instruction on how to create the strips, have a look at this article: How to Crochet A Plastic Sleeping Mat.


Take your 2″ fabric strip and fold the edges inside so that no frays are on the outside.


We’re now going to crochet a coil. Crochet does not come simpler than this. Attach twine on end of first strip of fabric. Knot it twice so as to mimic a crochet stitch and be very strong.


Make 6-9* sc around the fabric, while continuing to fold the fabric edges inside. * You want to leave the hole in the centre as small as possible. So pick the number of stitches that – given the thickness of your ‘yarn/fabic’-strip – will close the hole.


Starting at the 6 -9th, sc into the row below, continuing to wrap the stitch around the yarn strip.


Continue till your rug reached the desired size/you run out of twine. Cut off the fabric. Fold in the end before you make that last stitch. Add a few sc at the end without your strip of yarn for a tidy finish.

Crochet Rug Yarn Choices

Which yarn is best to crochet a rug?

I often hear this question, and the answer is this: if you want it strong, almost identical to the above, strong and cheap: use natural jute twine.

I am thinking you’ll need at least 2mm thickness to get the strength you want.

You can buy this twine here. It’s 656 Feet, for $10.59 & FREE Shipping (today, at time of writing)

However, …

Cotton’s Better – 3 Reasons Why

If you want it to be strong ** AND ALSO SOFT TO TOUCH **, use cooking cotton yarn instead. This link here goes to the good stuff: 100% 16-PLY cotton.

This is it!
  1. Personally, I prefer this cotton yarn over twine, because it’s SO MUCH KINDER ON YOUR HANDS to work with. Jute twine, after 3-4 stitches will feel like sandpaper on your fingers. It hurts. Meanwhile, …this is a BIG project…. You see where this is going? Nowhere. You’ll soon resent working on it if your fingers hurt from the crochet stitches — even if you do just a few at a time. So, take it from me: go with a softer alternative.

2. I also prefer the color of natural cotton over natural twine. It’s lighter and will blend better with all my off-white furniture pieces.

3. Price. While both are inexpensive yarns, cotton yarn is even cheaper than jute twine. The cotton yarn is $4.99 for 500 ft, get 2 skeins for $10, or get 3 for $13.50. The jute skein gives you 656 Feet for $10.59. All have free shipping options.

When was the last time you got a nice rug for that kind of price?!

More Detailed Crochet Pattern Needed?

This free tutorial assumes that you will be able to figure out when to make an extra stitch or two to expand by the row.

If you want a proper .pdf tutorial which indicates the increases by row to make a nice flat circle, please leave me a comment below, and I will write it.

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