How to Double Crochet

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I have been helping a reader work through a new crochet pattern. The one for the water bottle holder. Love it. It’s such a great tutorial to learn how to crochet, helping you learn how to crochet using a range of stitches and interesting patterns. A slip stitch is child’s work. The single crochet stitch is your basic stitch and is also easy enough. How to double crochet is however not as obvious.


To clarify that particular crochet stitch pattern, I thought to share some video instructions with you on how to double crochet ( typically abbreviated as dc).


Free Tutorial on How to Double Crochet

How to Double Crochet

How to make a Double Crochet stitch, Step-by-step

STEP 1: Yarn over and insert your hook into the stitch where you want to make your double crochet stitch.
STEP 2: Yarn over and pull through.
STEP 3: Yarn over and pull through the first 2 of 3 loops on your hook.
STEP 4: Yarn over and pull through the remaining two loops on hook.
And there you have it. Your stitch is done.


Free Crochet Patterns

Now, if you want to try it in a project, here are some of the free crochet patterns you can find on Fine Craft Guild.

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