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As you all know, I love knitting & crochet. So it’s to be expected that I get these kind of gifts. Usually I am thrilled with them, but sometimes, …. sometimes, it’s a miss… (silence) …

So, here is my first challenge of 2012: a white elephant. It’s a ‘designer’ freeform crochet bolero vest. Could have been awesome, and almost is, … but …..



… here’s absolutely no fit …!!!! freeform_crochet
The back section is too wide.
The shoulders are too wide. 
The crochet flowers on the top front are too wide so that, in an unflattering manner, they cover the top-arms.

If that was not enough, the bolero is not long enough. It’s a few flowers longer at the front than at the sides and back, but it’s not long enough anywhere.

It looks and feels like there weren’t enough flowers, so they added the tie at the front so you can close the bolero.
However, the tie is not in the right place. It’s way above the breast instead of at the décolleté.   

And last but not least: notice that appliqué: a color-clashing bright yellow embroidered crochet banana paired with a dangling strawberry.  I love the idea of a crochet fruit, but not in this color and style clashing way.


Crochet Challenge
How to transform this item that positively makes any woman look fat, shapeless and nerdy, into something fun, hip and contemporary. I’m taking on the challenge. Check back later this week to see the ‘after’: i.e. what I’ve come up with.


Click here to see the beautiful kaleidoscope crochet scarf I made with it.

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