How to make tassels for fun, handmade home accessories

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Shabby chic tassels like these are handmade home accents that transform a house.

So super easy to make!

tassel home accents

Materials needed

This tassel uses 99% recycled materials:

  • Remnants of a sheer curtain
  • Remnant of a shirt sleeve
  • Tiny bit of pre-used ribbon;
  • Broken bead spacer for the top. 
  • White cord – from which the tassel hangs – comes from an old shopper. 
  • The only ‘new’ elements are 5 seed beads for a cheery finishing touch.

:-). Likewise, use what you have laying around the house. You’ll end up with something that’s unique and most likely will match your existing decor.

handmade home accent

How to make Tassels

Lay out your piece of rope on the table (vertically)

Place the strips of fabric in the center, over the rope (horizontally)

Pick up the rope and tidy-up the stripes of fabric to look nice together on the outside.

Take your piece of ribbon and pin it in position over the fabric strips where they touch the rope.

Glue or sew the ribbon in position to secure the tassel.

Sew on beads, glue on a second ribbon on top, or embellish as you wish.

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