Designing my Future Porch


.. am dreaming of sitting on my future porch when it will be sunny again.
While dreaming, I’ve accumulated lots of fabulous porch design ideas. Today, I will share my top 5 porch designs with you.

Features of the Dream Porch

1. Great place to eat and live, like a luxury outdoor lounge.

2. Open & Airy

3. Romantic details, such as curtains, chandelier, etc.

4. Fire place

5. Great view, of a panoramic landscape, a park-like garden, a pool or just any kind of nature and art.

5 Top Porch Designs


feels like a covered deck….

So pretty.

porch 3
I’d be here day and night. day: dipping in the pool; night: sitting by fireplace, cozy, with curtains drawn.

porch design
Outdoor lounge, so liveable.

Romantic and soulful, reminiscent of my time in Italy

Porches Look-Book

perfect porches

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Tell me: What is your favorite porch?

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