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Knitting is not only ‘IN’, its’ ON. It’s as hip as ever, and it’s IN our house. I’ve already shown you it’s ON the wall and ON the floor. Here are some easy craft ideas on how to get your knitted goods ON the lamp, ON the vase, ON the pillow, ON a bowl and On your bangle On your arm.

Some of us are knitters who like to spend hours and hours and see a knitting project slowly come alive. Others are quick and fast, and have a hang of recycling. Those folks don’t frolic with needles, but muster a hot glue gun to do the project.

recycled sweater, handmade lampshades

Upcycled Sweater Lamp

Want this lamp ? It’s it gorgeous. Go to Goodwill, Sally Ann or your local op shop and find at least 2 similar if not identical sweaters, or look in the oversized men section for something huge, and buy it. Wash it, but not too hot, otherwise you’ll be working with felted wool.

Craft Instructions – Wool Lamp

  1. “Make over a plain pendant shade by cloaking it in wool.
  2. First, cut a large sweater in half along a side seam, removing the sleeves.
  3. Pull the resulting rectangle of material tightly around the shade so the fabric meets in the back; cut to fit and hot-glue to the shade.
  4. Next, trim the sweater lengthwise, leaving an inch of overhang at the top and bottom.
  5. Fold the overhang over the shade’s edges and secure on the inside with hot glue.
  6. For safety, use a low-wattage bulb.”

… says Country Living who is featuring this free craft project.


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