Mothers Day Cards

Greeting cards

The way I see it, we have 3 Mother’s Day card options: 1/ make your own,
2/ download a printable greeting card, or 3/ treat her a gorgeous, personalised Mothers day card with embedded photos on nice card stock, that cost no time and is sure to be a keepsake. Pros and cons for each option.


Gorgeous Personalized Mothers Day Cards

I think it’s always best to head to your craft cabinet or your computer to spend a few hours to put a lovely card together. Here are some store-bought cards for inspiration.


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Being On Time = More fun + No Stress.
Sale or no sale, free or not free: I don’t know about you, but the older (and wiser?) I get, the more ‘in time’ I want to be for things I can plan for. I can’t stand unnecessary stress caused by lack of planning. Maybe because Italy appears to be completely unplanned and chaotic, I crave ‘control’ over my life.. ha ha!! Well, whatever it is, I am starting all ‘my stuff’ early. Including Mothers Day. So, join me: choose option 1,2 or 3; pick some Mothers Day cards, and have it done!

Mothers Day Ideas

More of our Mothers Day Gifts Ideas + Cards ideas, projects, templates, etc. here. Scroll down and click on ‘next page/older post’ to see all of them.


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