Designer Cascading Flower Lamps & Screens w/ recycled plastic bottles

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Want to be inspired to do some eco-design? Have a look at these designer recycled plastic bottle lamps and screens. I just came across this British artist, Michelle Brands. She turned plastic water and soda bottles into light catching flow, akin to a fabric, say.  The bottles appear as very pleasing 3D flowers. I love this look particularly for a whimsical kitchen lamp, girl bedroom or a creative public place.


designer recycled plastic bottle lamps and screens lamps 


I have never seen designer recycled plastic bottle lamps as beautiful as these! There is a freshness and clarity to Michelle’s designs of pendant lights / lamps, window screens and room dividers. Beyond freshness of design, her lamps are simply gorgeous. I have to try making these… Don’t you? If you previously thought that recycling plastic bottles would have the effect of a primary school project featured in your home, you can now toss out that idea, and experiment with those white and green bottles, in a similar vain to Michelle’s. Good luck. Oh, and do send in your photos, will you??! And leave a comment if you like these lamps also.

Viewing Tip: click on the images to see close-up versions of the lamps and screens.

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