Cool Crafts for Kids :: 50+ Recycled DIY

Paper Crafts, Sewing Patterns

When I say ‘cool crafts for kids with recycled materials’ what comes to mind? A mess???! Well, think again. What really should come to mind is a smile. Because these mom artists with their kids, have created beautiful, and really cool crafts, toys and other decorative items for kids bedrooms. In an eco-friendly manner. Which means using re-purposed, reduced and recycled craft materials. I love these recycled DIY projects for kids. I think your kids will too. Have a look.

It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it…..
Let’s recycle!


Recycled Cool Crafts for Kids

cool crafts for kids ::recycled sock puppets
DIY Recycled Sock Puppets

cool crafts for kids :: learn how to make a bow from recycled felt
Cool Felt Bow Pin DIY

(recycling organic factory scrap felt)

DIY Recycled Paper Bead Necklaces

Free online Quilting Beginners Class
(cool craft for older kids
using up fabric scraps)

Recycled Cool Crafts for Kids giraffe

Giraffe Made from Recycled Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet Paper Roll Gift Wrap Idea

cool crafts for kids :: recycled can robots

Funky Faced Robots Made from Tomato Cans

Recycle a shampoo bottle into a tag-bag

Cool Silhouette Photo

(Sign made with recycled magazines)
DIY recycled toilet paper roll stamps greeting cards
DIY recycled toilet paper roll
stamps greeting cards

Recycled Cool Crafts Kids

Recycled Boxes Become Real Fire Station
juice carton wallet craft

Juice Carton_Wallet.
Recycled Cool Crafts for Kids

Upcycled Man Shirt into Cool Girl Backpack

hair ties
Embellished Plain Elastic Hair Ties.
diy recycled cardboard picture frames

DIY Recycled Cardboard Picture Frames w glue embossing

Leg Warmers
Recycled Cool Crafts for Kids

Leg Warmers for Little Dancers Made from Sleeves of Old Sweaters.
Recycled Cool Crafts for Kids

Boy Pants from Mom’s Shirt.

Recycled Cool Crafts for Kids

Girl Skirt from Dad’s Shirt.

Recycled Cool Crafts for Kids

Pencil Roll and Art Bag, by a former site called ‘Whipup’

Recycled Cool Crafts for Kids

How to Make a Gift Bow from a Magazine Page.

(Tip:… practice making these now with your kids. You’ll be amazed how beautiful your Mothers’ day gift will be…)

bandana tote bag
Recycled Cool Crafts for Kids

Bracelet with Flowers made from Old Tshirts, by Kaven’s Pocket (site no longer exists)


50+ Ideas to make Recycled Cool Crafts w Kids

This overview of eco-green kids craft ideas and tutorials is part of a 50+ environment-friendly crafts series. The series is in 7 parts:


PART 1 Recycled Craft Ideas :: Desk Accessories

(image:recycled magazine coasters
in box)

PART 2- Unique Furniture and Home Decorations Made from Recycled Materials


direct recycled dresses

as cafe curtains)

PART 3 – Recycled Crafts for Kids
restyled hair crunchie)

PART 4 – Personal Accessories Made with Recyclables

(image: recycled magazines

PART 5 – Recycling Garden Crafts .

(image: birdnest
reused bottle & bark)

FINAL PART – Great Recycling Tutorials ~ suiting Eco Artists

(image: recycled
paper yarn)

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