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I am getting a taste for Indie Crafts. Let’s decorate antlers to spruce up the bathroom, living room, any room? Pretty funky.

I thought I’d share that with you.

decorate antlers

Quick 1,2,3 How-to: DIY Painted Antlers

  • 1. Clean antlers from dust, etc., if you want to refashion real antlers.
  • 2. Paint white and let dry. White gives a good ground and makes all the colors pop later.
  • 3. Paint with color. Use designs that complement the shape, and oh well, use colors to match your sofa,… unless it is art. Tip to paint stripes: hold your breath for a steadier hand. Keep your brush flat, parallel to the object. Then, slowly turn the object away from your brush. Practice a few times and you’ll have perfect stripes, every time. Let big color blocks or lines dry first before adding small detail.

Hang up when dry!

How to decorate antlers ::

How to decorate antlers ::


What You’ll Need for this Faux Taxidermy Project

  • Antlers, also called horns, skulls or trophy/trophies.
  • Acrylic paints- try some bright colors! Make sure you have a decent amount of white too.
  • A few small brushes
  • Cup of water, and a few recycled plastic trays and containers to hold some water and function as your painting pallet.
  • work surface cover.


Where to find Antlers?

Check out Goodwill, your mom’s attic, garage sales, or Craigslist if you want animal antlers.

You can actually find a wide range of real and faux taxidermy antlers here at Amazon. Check these resin antlers.


What Type of Paint to Use to Paint Your Antlers?

Acrylics paint like this is all you need:




Creative brain child and antler image credit: designed by Judd Demaline and Jessa McClintick, who used to write at (site is now a Chinese s p a m URL, unfortunately. We miss them!).

How to decorate antlers ::

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