Fourth of July is just the beginning of REAL summer fun to me. To you too? None here is celebrating it, and frankly, since yesterday, Rome has become summer-hot.

However, in my online/international life, I am cherishing all those familiar things that make me feel at home. The 4th of July outdoor barbecues and the prepping for all that sure makes me happy.

diy fourth of july wreaths tutorials

So, you are in good hands with me today, as I rallied up 11+ GORGEOUS 4th of July wreaths. Many come with detailed explanations, but most of all, let the use of unique materials from burlap to beans, be inspirational to you all. Striped fabric, striped paper, stitched stars…. What else do you fancy?

Which is your favorite wreath? Should I change the order a bit of this wreath-line-up???!!

1. Beachy Bean Fourth of July Wreath

DIY Fourth of july Wreaths tutorials

2. Elegant ‘a la Ralph Lauren’  Fourth of July Wreath

diy 4th of July wreaths tutorials

3. Berry Fourth of July Wreath

.. with adorable scrapbooking flag

DIY 4th of July wreaths tutorials

4. Felt Fourth of July Wreaths

diy Ruffled Patriotic Wreath tutorial

5. Rag Fourth of July Wreaths

diy fourth of july wreaths rags

6.’s Burlap 4th of July Wreaths

diy fourth of july wreaths tutorial

7. Ribbon 4th of July Wreaths

diy fourth of july wreaths

8. Polkadots Stars & Swirls Fourth of July Wreaths


9. Twigs Fourth of July Wreaths (via Pinterest)

fourth of july wreaths number 9

10. Paper Fourth of July Wreaths by

DIY 4th of July Wreaths Tutorials
By Stubbornly Crafty

11. Fourth of July Wreath with Firework Accent

Ok. This one is more fun rather than ‘gorgeous’, but well, some of us DO have families and I reckon the boys in this home will have a blast-off every time they enter their home. Hence, it’s worthy of inclusion in my ‘gorgeous 4th of July wreaths – selection.
4th of July wreath fireworks
By The Crafted Sparrow

12. Rag Fourth of July Wreath  I’m keeping the best for last… 4th of July wreaths :: rag wreath tutorial

It’s such a happy home decorating season, isn’t it?!!

Fabulous line-up, right? I think they are all beautiful and actually they are also all easy DIY projects. OK. Let’s go! the first person who is inspired by this overview of Stunning 4th of July wreaths and makes a new stunning wreath, will be added to the list! Go make a 4th of July wreath and send in your pictures/url!

If you are too intimidated by taking on a whole wreath project, you can always make your own version of Martha Stewart’s red, white and blue paper star garlands….

11 fourth of july wreaths ::

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