50+ Recycled Crafts for Earth Day – Party 1: Desk Accessories


Earth Day is April 22 and we’re treating you to 50+ new Recycled Crafts for Earth Day. These are fun activities and DIY projects made with recycled materials and cool eco-design to celebrate the day.

earth day crafts

Crafting with recyclables is hip, and it allows you to freely experiment, which usually leads better results.

Plus, some of the things we’re going to show you are best made with recycled materials rather than with new material, as they just would not have the same ‘look’ nor carry the same ‘warm n fuzzy feeling’ that one gets from making something beautiful and doing something for the environment at the same time.

Try each craft for yourself so you can create a beautiful Earth Day, every day.

PART 1 of Recycled Crafts for Earth Day:

Unique Desk Accessories from Recycled Materials


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Origami heart – Instructions

Make them as book marks or decorative objects.

Origami heart – Instructions

recycled magazines origami hearts


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Personalized Desk Calendar

Homemade, personalised desk calendar made with recycled paper. This one is full of ‘shakti!’. Art does not always have to be uber professional looking. As long as it was fun to make, and personal.


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Cutest picture Frames made from Recycled Magazines

I have a hard time letting go of my most precious home decorating and gardening magazines. But when I see picture frames like this, I’ can’t wait to get to work.

Recycled Magazines Picture Frames


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Recycled Frame Noticeboard

We all need notice boards: in the kitchen, the mud room, in the office and the kids study room. So why not make a couple. There are several how-to tutorials here, to make a variety of boards.


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Recycled Paper Boxes

Useful Small Boxes from Recycled Magazines Pipes. Howto: make even recycled magazine paper rolls. Glue them onto a small recycled box tightly next to each other. Clip as needed. Let dry. Voila’.


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Round Recycled Paper Boxes

This is a free, well-illustrated tutorial on how to make round desk accessory boxes with recycled paper:

Round Boxes Made with Rolled Magazine Paper – Free, Well-Illustrated Tutorial


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Decoupaged Desk Organiser

This is a free, well-illustrated tutorial on how to use paper and cardboard you have laying around and recycle them into artsy desk organiser decoupaged with scrap papers.


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Business Card holders

Some old trade magazines and a sewing machines brought these stylish recycled business card holders alive.


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Jar lid photo frame

Any new mom can relate to this craft project coming along. Endless waiting, too tired to do something ‘productive’. And then, you’re making a crazy whimsical tiny jar lid photo frame. That actually is really cute!

Tiny Pin Cushions Made with Recycled Bottle Caps – Free  Tutorial

tiny pin cushions made with recycled bottle caps

(was at https://www.origamimommy.org/2009/08/tiny-pincushion-tutorial.html)

50+ Cool Recycled Crafts for Earth Day

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