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Thinking ‘When is mothers day again’?! In the US, that’s May 9. So soon. Want to make something unique for Mother’s Day that does not cost an arm nor a leg and that is environmentally friendly? OK. I intend to show you a couple of different homemade mothers day gifts that you could make. If you start now, all will be fine and finished in time.

mothers day gift

Here’s a great little craft gift you could make, and it’s eco-fashionable too:

Zipper Jewelry

jewelry making

Re-purpose a used, black or bright-colored zipper and make a delightful flower brooch with it! A perfect Mother’s Day gift! Mom will love it. And of course, make one for yourself also! They are too neat to pass up.

How to Make a Zipper Flower Brooch Video

Click the play button below to see the free craft video tutorial for this sassy fashion vintage zipper designer accessories. They are unique, playful and whimsical.

Try it, it’s fun.

Where to get the Zippers?

Update Sept 2012: One of my readers just asked me where to get zippers for jewelry making. And of course, I should have added a section about zipper jewelry making supplies. The answer is here:

Pack of 25 7″ & 8″ YKK Zippers in Assorted Colors = $6.25 (Sale, Sept. 2012)
Pack of 25 14″ YKK Zippers in Assorted Colors: $12.50
Pack of 25 24″ YKK Zippers in Assorted Colors: $20
Alternatively, you can use continuous zipper


Zipper Sizes
The above all all #3 zips. Continuous zippers are typically #4 – #5. All these are suitable for clothing and the like, but higher than #5 is really more for heavier gear.

The Next Step: Make Zipper Bib Necklace

Once you’ve made zipper flower, and you realize how easy it is, let me dare you to go beyond the ‘brooch’ concept and to find 5-7 zippers, and bloom them up as per the above instructions.

Now you have the raw material to make a necklace out of them. I can see two options really easily:

1. String them together by making ‘beads’ out of them, or
2. Simply sew them together into the center element of a bib necklace.

I’d use a same color (or contrasting) silk ribbon for the tie, and perhaps other metal bits in the same color as the teeth of the zippers to make the necklace come together and blend all the material elements.

Here are some images that demonstrate what I mean.


zipper flower bib necklace red roses
By Apostrophy, at Etsy

zipper bib necklace
SFMoma Museum Store

zipper flower bib necklace earrings anthropologie

Show me what you’re coming up with.

Your Turn to Make Zipper Flower Jewelry

Making handmade zipper flowers is easy (Hey, they were even shown on the Martha Stewart Show!). And you can do it. We’d love to feature readers’ work (particularly successful outcomes), so be sure to send in photos of your project execution!

Other Mothers Day Gift Jewelry

If you can’t quite get all that craftiness come together, there are beautiful gifts to be found at ~ Premier Artisan Gemstone Jewelry
in a wide range of styles. It’s all handmade, and the good stuff, you know, the kind that any mom would adore.

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