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Crochet Patterns

Crochet Anyone? Here are the best crochet patterns out now, and they’re free. Read on… (it has cost me a ton of time to make this article, but it’s worth it… you’ll see)

A friend of mine is a veteran in crochet and cross-stitch. However, she has been way to busy with work lately, not making a single crochet stitch! Last week she expressed her dream to go back to her beloved craft again: crochet!!! To help her accomplish this goal, I created this page packed with links to the best free crochet patterns that I discovered. At the end of the article, you can find an overview of places to get even more free crochet patterns!

To Inspire Crocheters

To inspire my friend and all the other crochet lovers out there in the big wide world, here is my overview of lovely, lovely crochet crafts to make. Many projects are easy and won’t take much time. Others will be finished just in time to become Christmas gifts.

Free Craft Tutorials for Inspiring Crochet Projects

After reviewing loads of directories with free crochet patterns, here are My Top Choices – Crochet Patterns.

What Inspires Me …

1/ Free Crochet Pattern of an Irish Lace Scarf

gorgeous rose crochet scarf

It does NOT get better than this. Stunningly beautiful !!!!! Apparently it’s also easy to make. And that fact make this free online crochet pattern an A+. It is one of 1200 free patterns can be found at Some registration is required if you choose more than 1 pattern.

This crochet project can be made in a week or so.

2/ Chunky Crochet Florette Necklace

crocheted christmas gifts

It’s featured in this book ‘Easy Crocheted Accessories’ and the design is by Carol Meldrum (learn more/purchase on Amazon)

This scarf-necklace 1 of the 30 fun & funky crochet patterns found in this book. This highly-recommended, easy crochet pattern book is almost free… for sale now at Amazon for only 84 cts. Can’t beat that.

No matter what, check out the Amazon link as they’ll let you look inside the book before you buy, so you can get really inspired first.

This crochet project can be made in a day

The hat project in this book can be made in a day, others can take up to a few weeks.

3/ True-Love Crochet Jacket

Roundup of Beautiful Crochet Patterns ::

I think I’d feel like an elf in this ‘wow, wow, wow’ Anthropologie-style outfit. I sure can see myself wearing this jacket!!! Lovely.

This is a ‘more involved’ crocheted cardigan – jacket – top and I would love it if someone would make this for me (as I am not sure I would be capable myself)…. Something to ask my mom… ?! Not sure. Maybe I will have to live up to the occasion myself.

I actually like the color featured here as it would go well with the color of my eyes, or I’d like it in white.

This free online crochet pattern is from – an excellent site for free online crochet patterns.

I am placing this at the #3 spot, only because I don’t think I could make it myself. However, in terms of lovability, well, I’d rate this pattern right up there with my rose scarf at the #1 spot.

This would make me a few weeks to make.

4/ Free Crochet Choker Pattern

This is an unusually sophisticated, crochet bib necklace.

It looks pretty & easy to make. Absolutely for beginners. I can see me making some of these as XMAS gifts.

Actually this is only one of nice lot of rather sophisticated crochet patterns to be found at

Enjoy this crochet video tutorial on how to do the double base chain in the pattern.

Can be made in an hour.

crochet necklace free pattern

5/ Crochet Cherry Earrings

crochet fruit earrings
Cherry Crochet Earrings

This is fun summer craft for when your niece is in town.

Original work from (no longer a site).

These fun crochet cherry earrings an be made in an hour.

Materials – Make Crochet Cherries

2.75mm crochet hook
Size 10 crochet thread in red and green
pair of earwires
2 headpins
2 leaf shaped beads
needle nosed pliers/cutters
needle for weaving in ends

Directions – Make A Crochet Cherry

With red crochet thread:
ROUND 1: Ch2, 6sc in 1st chain, mm
ROUND 2: 2sc in each sc around (12scs), mm
ROUND 3: sc in each stitch around, mm
ROUND 4: sc2tog around, FO
Use tail of finished end to stitch up the hole. Make 4.

Make a Crochet Stem

With green crochet thread:
join with sc in top of a cherry, ch 6, sc into the loop at the base of the ear-wire, ch 5, sc into the top of another cherry, FO.

Attaching A Bead Leaf

(optional slip your leaf shaped bead onto your headpin and create a small loop on the other end of the headpin with your pliers. Cut wire so there is no jagged edged. Attach looped end of headpin to the loop at the base of your ear-wire. Make 2.

And voilà: Crochet Cherry Earrings.

6/ Lovely Crochet Flower Pillows

I was at, and this one indeed called out: ‘crochet me’: A mod flower pillow. Perfect for a whimsical porch decor, for a teen or even a little girl’s room.

I would personally pull in the center of the flower to shape it a bit better.

Give it a week, so you can relax making it.

flower pillow crochet pattern
crochet flower pillow

More Crochet Flowers
100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet

7/ Very Edgy House Boots

funky crochet slipper boots
House Boots Pattern

Etsy does not only feature loads of inexpensive craft articles. Some vendors actually sell craft supplies. This pattern actually no longer available, but this boot design is so inspirational, and so is the write-up by the designer of who the design came about.

So, just for inspiration, I’ve included it anyway.

To find an online free crochet pattern that you can adjust to look like these edgy boots, click over to any of the pattern directories that I’m referring to below.

8/ Crochet Cat Bed

cat beds

This crochet project can be made in a few weeks.

This felt cuddly cat bed that I found on the forum at Crochetville, is absolutely adorable. Obviously, it’s for dogs too….

This free pattern can of course be made in colors to better befit your own interior design style. Personally I can see this project done in 2 colors ‘white’: say cream and and pure white, with different rows of textures and tones. That would bring sophistication to this design.

As well, it’s a home decoration crochet solution! I need several baskets of different sizes, and this pattern can be downsized to fit that purpose. Perfect.

BTW. On the forum, there are ‘before & after’ pictures of the felting process, which makes you realize that felting is a ‘must’ for this project to get it to come out right: whimsical and functional.

If you’ve never felted before, realise that the shrinkage is huge: before felting the cat bed was 23″ diameter, 6″ high. After felting: 15″ diameter, 4″ high. You’ll only need 2 balls Cascade 220 (440 yards) of each color, and you’ll have a bit of leftover. This matches crochet hook size K.

Tips for making circular work like this: Don’t turn at the end of rounds (except for the very last round). Instead, to join rounds: Sl st in first stitch of round, ch 1 and begin new round in same stitch as joining. And to change colors: In the last hdc of round before color change, yo, insert hook in stitch, yo and pull through, yo with new color and complete stitch and join round. For sc rounds, insert hook in last st of round, yo and pull through, yo with new color and complete stitch and join round.

Registration Inconvenience

Most yarn sellers provide free patterns nowadays, however, many may require you to register. It’s inconvenient, I know. But I think that some of these free crochet pattern directories are worth registering to:

A. LionBrand yarn

You can browse without having to register. A major PLUS.


This now hosts the patterns of higher end yarns like Bernat and Patons, as well as inexpensive yarns like Sugar and Cream, RedHeart, and Aunt Lydia. I used to like the Bernat/Patons patterns, but now the site has lost its former lustre.

C. “Shark central” aka, actually has some good ideas, but oh boy, is it time consuming to find them.

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