How to Make Jewelry: Dreamcatcher Bracelet with Gemstones

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How to Make Jewelry: Dreamcatcher Bracelet with Gemstones

How to Analyze Jewelry

Today, I’m going to give a plug the artist at NatureCharms who has real budding creativity, whose jewelry prices are low to begin with, and who now has a sale on, giving her gorgeous jewelry practically away.

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Dreamcatcher bracelet

Dreamcatcher bracelet

Have a look at this unique Dreamcatcher bracelet. Let me show you why this is a good piece of jewelry.

  1. First of all, her artwork has a story. It is a Native American story about the night, the sky and dreams.

    This is excellent. All artwork should either have a story or the viewer should be able to make one’s own story about it easily. This way, an artwork brings the viewer into another dimension.

  2. See how innovative the jeweler’s use of the metal thread creates webs? Easy to do, and a great ‘web’ effect. Her metal threading makes the bracelet unique.
  3. Notice how all the elements and the details balance into a harmonious piece. It’s very well done.
  4. Now look at the color scheme. The ‘earthen’ tone of the red jasper is brought in to contrast with the ‘sky’ blue of the turquoise.
  5. This bejeweled bracelet has healing power. Choosing gemstones over plastics makes her artwork more desirable. Turquoise is said to increase strength, protect from harm, increase psychic sensitivity.
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    Red Jasper is thought to help balance the energy in the body. Jasper is one of the oldest known gemstones and turquoise is one of the oldest stones considered to offer protection – together they will keep you safe from nasty dreams.

  6. Another layer of balance is brought about by the shapes within the bracelet. The bigger rings balance with the smaller rings. The clasp’s curliness matches the shapes in the rest of the bracelet.
  7. The clasp is both feminine and has ‘body’. It looks like a symbolic shape, and in fact I can see the infinity symbol in it.
  8. What do you think is the price for this? She charges $8.40 for this bracelet.
  9. In sum: inspiring piece? Yes indeed!
  10. I would consider making this piece in silver as silver also has healing properties. As well, silver is a classic Native American material to use.

    Note though, there is a lot of metal in this bracelet and the silver will add significantly to the material costs. However, it also makes the bracelet more valuable. I am sure that NatureCharms could easily make you a bracelet in silver, if you’d ask. I wonder what the price would be.

Final Conclusion

With Mother’s Day around the corner, and my birthday coming up…. I want one!
…. or, the matching earrings…., or the almost matching necklace…??
Nope, I go for the Dreamcatcher bracelet.
It’s a gem!

Tip for Jewelers

Now that you’ve read this far, go get one of your own jewelry pieces and evaluate it using the analytical elements we discussed here: story, meaning, power, innovation, shapes, form, compatibility of elements, balance, price, and the overall ‘verdict’.

There are many lessons to learn from evaluations of your own jewelry as well as other people’s works of art.

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