For a glamorous summer, make this Soho Maxi Dress Pattern

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Soho maxi dresses are great for summer: as draped cover-ups, for evening glamour and/or all day sun cover. None will be stealing the show but you, wearing a suitable maxi dress! How about you making this beauty? This easy-peasy maxi dress uses nothing more but a top you already own as your base sewing pattern.

womens fashion maxi dresses ::

Maxi Dress Materials Needed

Your material choice sets the tone

The fabric you’ll choose dictates the style of the dress. That’s what makes this easy dress pattern so versatile and fantastic. Here are some ideas for you:


Summer Fun

Early Fall

Perfect for September vacations, is a maxi dress made from this spandex- blend fabric. Gorgeous.


Vacation Maxi Dresses

I had fun placing this dress in a Italian setting. What a wonderful dress to stroll around when that light is just so magical in a romantic Italian hillside town, in the late afternoon-evening….

womens fashion maxi dresses ::

Model, dress design & pattern: Abby,

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