Maxi Dress Pattern

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Maxi dresses are great for summer: as draped cover-ups, for evening glamour and/or all day sun cover. None will be stealing the show but you, wearing a suitable maxi dress!

How about you making this beauty? This easy-peasy maxi dress uses nothing more but a top you already own as your base sewing pattern.

womens fashion maxi dresses ::

Maxi Dress

Materials Needed

Material = Style

The fabric you’ll choose for this dress dictates the style.


  • From Sexy Glamour

To Fun Summer …

(check out this super stretchy alternative…)

Pink-navy blue tropical flower fabric pattern – a lightweight polyester spandex.

Bringing it forward to also suit early Fall …

Perfect for September vacations, is a maxi dress made from this spandex- blend fabric. Gorgeous.

Vacation Maxi Dresses

I had fun placing this dress in a Italian setting. What a wonderful dress to stroll around when that light is just so magical in a romantic Italian hillside town, in the late afternoon-evening….

womens fashion maxi dresses ::

Model, dress design & pattern: Abby,


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