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Even when it is not exactly ‘the holiday season’, who said that you could not have sparkles around ??!! This sparkly upcycled sequins pillow for the sofa, designed by Holly from My Sisters’ Suitcase blog, inspired me today.


Upcycled Sequins Pillow - Easy DIY project :: finecraftguild.com :: photo by MySistersSuitcase blog

Photo credit | source : Sisterssuitcaseblog.com/2012/12/diy-sequin-pillow.html

In case you wonder ‘What is a sequin?’ It’s a small shiny disc sewn on to clothing for decoration. Because they reflect light, sequins are cheery and brighten up rooms. Silver sequins are neutral enough to be paired with Valentines’ decoration, as well as Fall or Spring décor.

What’s so special about Holly’s decorative pillow? It’s her very low DIY project – budget. Even with the January sales on, decorative pillows, particularly designer pillows with sequins, can be rather pricey.

So, Holly purchased a $10 dress at a discounter, cut of the top section, and hand-sew the edges of the sequined skirt to go around one of her existing pillow fillings as a decorative pillow case. So simple even you & I could do it.

What do you think? Fun?!



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