Back-to-School Teen Craft Tip: Fabric Necklace by NY Designer

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Did you like my 12 Back-to-school crafts from a few days ago? I thought to bring you some more Back-to- School activities & ideas, now with an emphasis on teens, rather than young kids.

1. Really Fashionable Necklace

This video shows ‘How to make a Collage Necklace , one of this season’s most popular accessories, by New York designer Desira Pesta.

You can make this project in about an hour and it’s reeeeallly easy:

  • Take strips of (waste*) fabric, 40 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.
    * The idea is to use up old scraps of fabric, but you can of course also cut up an old dress or T.

  • Make 15 to 20 strips, and to do it staggered necklace cut some back to 35 and 38 inches.
    collage necklace

  • Stitch along the length of each strip, ensuring that the center tube will be big enough to let your safety pin through…
  • Cut off excess fabric, leaving 0.5 an inch as a seam allowance along the length of the fabric, as this will help the next step.
  • With a safety pin, turn the fabric tube inside out.
    Do this for all of them.

  • Grab all the edges on either side of the tubes and check how your necklace will look when they all hang.
  • If you like the look, then sew the tubes together first on either side using your sewing machine or by hand.
  • To finally close your necklace, sew the two ends on top of each other.

Your fashionable collage necklace is now done.

If you are too young to use a sewing machine, just convince your mom or older sister to sew the strips for you ~ You can do the rest yourself by hand.

Time to revisit those old scraps

and start sprucin’ up those old duds
cause its time to get back to school
and start lookin’ cool. ~ Threadbeater

Hope you enjoyed this free jewelry-making tutorial video.

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