Cutest Girls Summer Dresses … w Mustaches!!

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:: The ultimate Fathers Day Dress for a Little Girl ::

Stef from Girl Inspired topped herself with this girls summer dress made from the cutest mustache fabric. And I’d say that THE day to starrt wearing this is of course Fathers Day! How perfect.

While she offers no actual pattern, it is a basic peasant girls summer dress with a few fun extra details:

  • Instead of putting elastic on the end of the sleeves, just hem them.
  • As you can see, the front has 3 ruffles of various length added just below the front neckline.  They stop at the sleeves, so add them before you sew on your sleeves.
  • Sew on a bow mid-front.

This is what you can see from the picture. As well, Stef explained that the single secret to this dress is to put the elastic on the remainder of the neckline, omitting the ruffled front section. This way the ruffles stay as you pinned them on initially. I hope she does not mind I am sharing her secret here. Anyhow, she has more photos and a lovely blog overall, so if you have some time, do visit her.

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Where to Get the Amazing Mustache Fabric


You can it buy here, at our craft blog sponsor: Mustache cotton print fabric . It is 44″ or 112cm wide.

Peasant dresses are the easiest of all girls summer dresses to make and there are many free tutorial on the web. It takes about a yard of fabric for girls up to 10 years old. Go for 1.4 or 1.5 yards or more if you want to add additional details or want your dress to be longer.

For the contrast fabric, use up a small remnant from your fabric stash. You will also need elastic for the neckline at the sides and back, and a yard of black/white gingham ribbon.

What did I say? Is this one of the cutest girls summer dresses, or what?! I never tell a lie.

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