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Celebrating ‘Happy Summer’ in your outdoor living space is obvious with this super-cute, easy patchwork bunting DIY. It’s particularly easy with printed patchwork fabric, but even as a small patchwork – quilting project, it’s very doable for beginners.

How great is a festive ‘Welcome Summer’ – bunting across the porch at the last day of school, to remain there all summer?!


Demin blue patchwork fabric is perfect for ‘4th of July’ flags as well, so making a bunting today will be ‘one thing done’ for your summer BBQ porch party.

Quick and Easy Patchwork Bunting DIY Instructions

  • Working with patchwork fabric is of course the easiest. You can skip this step and go straight to the next one. The problem is often that you are limited to the color scheme and the style of the patchwork fabric. What is so unique and wonderful of patchwork however, is that you can a) use up fabrics in your stash. But also b) can mix and match fabrics and colors in such a way so as to tie together all the colors (and styles) in a room (or porch). So, if you are going to work with the quilting fabrics pack like the below, get yourself a jello roll and simply cut small squares from the fabric. Add two sides together leaving a 1/8 of an inch seam allowance, creating several long ribbons. Either offset by 1/2 a square or neatly above each other, stack three or four strips together and sew them into a bunting fabric.
  • Make a triangle template of 8” wide and 12” long.
  • Cut your fabric. Presuming you are making your buntings double-fabric, you should add seam allowances of 1/2 “ on all sides.
  • With the right-sides of 2 fabric pieces facing each other, sew the two long sides of the bunting flags together. Turn your flags right side out.
  • Cut long strip of fabrics that are 2.5 times as wide as you’d like your bunting cord to be. (2.5x will probably be about 1 “). Attach the strips to get one super long one. A typical bunting is 6 meters or 6.5 yards.
  • Prep required: pin first! Fold the fabric inwards and insert the tops of your flags. Pin the flags in place, allowing equal distances between each flag. How full you want your bunting to be is up to you. What matters is that there is the same distance between the flags throughout your strip of bunting. Yes, you can lay it out on the floor and eyeball it. But you really should pre-pin it for best results. Tip: ensure you have a nice long strips of fabric cord on both ends of the bunting strip so you can tie up.


Bunting, plus ….. A Matching Set of Accessories

Let’s round out the décor on your porch. Patchwork fabric is sold by the yard, you can buy a couple of yard to make some matching pillow covers for your garden seating area, and a picnic blanket for your lawn or chilly eve’s on the porch. Free sewing patterns are below.


Contrast Fabrics

Consider using contrast fabrics for backs and details of the bunting and associated garden furniture items that you’ll fabricate. As per my usual recommendations, first use up what you have in your fabric stash. If you don’t have anything suitable, consider getting a few yards of matching, inexpensive fabrics.

And btw. I like these combination of colors and fabrics also for a boy’s bedroom, don’t you? This pre-sewn patchwork fabric makes a beautiful quilted bedspread without the usually associated ‘year’ of labor.


Free Sewing Patterns

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