Just how lucky are you usually???! Well, you’re in luck today: Inspired by having loads of unfinished projects, I felt inspired to make something I could start and finish in one sitting and have ever lasting fun with…. What would that be?

A Shamrock Stamp

st patrick's day crafts :: free shamrock stamp

(btw. LaGraine makes some excellent wines)

st patrick's day crafts :: free stamp for shamrock cards, art or gift paper



Materials Needed

  • 1. Recycled card stock
  • 2. Glue
  • 3. Heart punch
  • 4. Scissors
  • 5. Ink for stamping
  • 6. Fun & Fantasy.
st patrick's day crafts :: free shamrock stamp

How-to: Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Punch out 16 hearts.

As you can see on the back of my puncher, my heart shapes were too pointy. So I had to cut the bottoms so the hearts would lay close together and four of them would make a clover shape. This was not an exact science, just to snips on either side of the heart bottom did the job.  Approximate turned out to be just fine.

2. Find an old champagne cork or otherwise ‘just perfect’ surface to make a hand-held stamp out of.

3. With some glue, make a four-leaf clover.

4. Glue on four layers of shamrock leaves in total. Fiddle with them to line them up, if need be, so they look like a perfect clover.

5. Wait to let it dry a bit.

st patrick's day crafts

6. Use your ink and stamp away.

Stamping tip: to get a ‘perfect’ looking stamp, make 20 or 24 hearts and add two more layers. These extra layers will result in a tidier finish.

I liked the ‘happy go lucky’-look of mine, so the fact that my clover was not raised as much suited me.


Creative Shamrock Stamping Options

Stamping options galore: Make it into a card, wrapping paper, as the background for yours handmade desk calendar, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day for a whole month, shamrock garland, stamp it on the hands of your friends on St. Patrick’s Day giving them each a stamp of approval and a dose of good luck, or whatever else you can think off.

Have fun stamping.

PS 1:  Of course this stamp is of use, year-round, for all your scrapbooking projects. Makes great foliage when paired with tiny flowers. Also, kids will love to use your stamp, once you’ve made it. Kids can make their own but may need a bit of parent or teacher support if you have rounder shaped heart puncher, so that the hearts do not need to be cut.

PS 2: Creative Craft with 100% recycled materials: I like it.

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