12 St Patrick s Day Recipes You ll Love


Wanna treat? A lucky St Patrick’s Day treat? Something healthy? Or an oh-so-yummy (sugar-loaded) treat?  Well, I have both kinds of St Patrick’s Day Recipes here. Those that look & taste fabulous, and those that look & taste fabulous and are healthy. Take your pick! 

Lucky you!

You found a golden pot- worth of delicious St. Patrick’s Day Recipes.

12 Delicious St Patrick’s Day Recipes

1. Shamrock Quiche

Let’s start with something healthy!  This shamrock quiche is not just cute and beautiful. The luckiest aspect of all is that it’s jam-packed with spinach and more vegetables! Great for a St Patrick’s Day dinner party, as lunch, or as a treat. A St Patrick’s Day recipe by yours truly!


2. Shamrock Sandwiches


This second healthy St Patrick’s Day recipe comes from ‘Will Cook for Smiles’. She made us Shamrock cucumber sandwiches.


3.  Lucky Clover Butter Cookies


Oh, we fell for this shamrock cookie recipe before and wrote about it. They look like just the right size, using good quality ingredients and not over the top (in sugar).  Delicious!  Originally by Martha Stewart.


4. Rainbow in a Jar


This is quite the St Patrick’s Day party jar. Kids will love the HUGE QUANTITY of M&Ms and the abundance of color and gold coins. Quite a treasure pot of gold ! Great idea by babble.com.


5. Leprechaun Hat Favors


These are one of the cutest St Patrick’s Day treats we have seen. This St. Patrick’s Day Recipe comes from at Canadian Living.  You know what they are made with?? You’ll never guess! Blue-lid, clear plastic 1 cup food containers. You know, the Dollar store variety. Put green craft paint on the outside. Embellish with black belt, clasp and shamrock. And fill with chocolate gold coins,. rainbow M&Ms, jelly beans or tiny toys. Easiest recipe ever to make kids happy. Success guaranteed.


6. Apple Shamrock Juice

shamrock juice

Pretty. Cute. Healthy (ish). Original! Seriously! One of several St Patrick’s Day recipes by Get Creative Juice. Get this gadget to make those pretty apple slices….


7. St Patrick s Day Cupcakes

st patricks day cupcakes

These St Patrick’s Day cupcakes look with fun cereal topping look like they have real cream and real ingredients in them. It’s still a cupcake though, but they sure are festive, bringing everyone in a sweet mood. How lucky! By Darci, previously posted at darcidowdle.typepad.com/my-blog.


8. Mint Pie

1 of 12 st patricks day recipes :: mint pie

Perhaps not quintessential St. Patrick’s Day this mint pie with chocolate bitty bits looks green enough to qualify as a St Patrick’s Day recipe for dessert. By Verybestbaking.com


9. Hershey Chocolates Shamrock Treats

 1 of 12 wonderful st patricks day recipes :: hershey chocolate shamrock

I’m not a fan of Hersche ‘chocolates’, but I could not say no to their very cute clover gift wrapping! By Qbees Quest.


10. Shamrock Cake

1 of 12 wonderful St Patricks day recipes :: Shamrock cake

Ok. Now this cake is a serious sugar temptation. Click-through if you dare! Looks beautiful, though, doesn’t it?!  St Patrick’s Day recipe by IamBaker.net.


11. Rainbow M&M Snack

Lucky st patrick s day pot of gold - featured at www.FineCraftGuild.com

For when that huge M&M rainbow jar is a tat over-sized for your family…. By Beth Proudfoot


12.  Lucky Cereal Treats

Lucky st patrick s day breakfast ideas - featured at www.FineCraftGuild.com 

Tonii from Blues Skies Ahead made these cereal boxes for her kids. While having healthy breakfast now, they miss their sugary cereal…. except for on St. Patty’s day. A lucky treat to wake up to.

That’s it for the round up of St Patrick’s Day recipes.

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