Here’s a fun St Patrick s Day Crafts project, that can be used in a million decorations for the day: finger knit some lucky shamrock!

St Patrick’s Day decorations ideas on how to use this shamrock design: decorative pillowsbags or curtains…

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This finger knitting project is not made with only your fingers, but with a spool as well.

1. Take green yarn and work it through your spool, making a lonnnnggg cord. You will see the cord come out of the mushroom after 10 rows or so… Fun!!!!  (If I have time I’ll show you how to spool knit, step-by-step. So easy. Incidentally, this type of knitting is also called French knitting or French spool knitting. All the same thing.  The spool is sometimes called a knitting Nancy, and it’s an age old tool.)

2. Now it’s time to sew the shamrock. Leave a portion of your cord to become the stem. With a thread and needle, sew the cord into a very big loop. See picture.

3. Divide this loop into 4 even parts, which are your shamrock leaves, and sew them tightly onto one another. Look at the first picture and examine how the shamrock is constructed.

4. To create that ‘shamrock’-leaf shape, fold each loop inwards and give it a few stitches. Do this with all four clover leaves. Now each leaf resembles a heart, and the whole finger knitting project has become one lucky shamrock!

Get your Supplies

The right kind of yarn for this project is worsted weight knitting yarn. (click the link to see your options – thousands!) Here’s Kelly green:

My finger knitting spool aka mushroom i-cord maker dates back from when I was a very little girl. However, they are still for sale.

If you want one of these magical knitting toys that can transform the entire summer vacation for a keen little girl, well, I found one for you:

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Yep, one added to our cool crafts for kids!

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