Back-to-School Notice Boards

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These Beautiful DIY Back to School notice boards are a most-useful craft to keep you and your kids organised.

Desirée, mom of three, and writer of ‘The 36th Avenue’ designed these Personalised Back-to-School Notice Boards for each of her kids.

DIY Back to School notice boards
photo credit: 36th Ave, but is no longer visitable…

These Back to School notice boards come with more features than imaginable:

  • 0. Beautiful hand-painted and hand-embellished scrapbooked notice boards, made together with the kids
  • 1. Kids Name on top
  • 2. Returning Major Chores that Teaches self-responsibility (and keeps mom’s head headache-free)
  • 3. Sticker circles for dry-eraser tick-marks
  • 4. Scores per day and per week: graphic smile faces
  • 5. Velcro pen to draw those smiles
  • 6. Clip for teacher notices and school trip sign-ups etc.
  • 7. ‘Benefits’-cards for A+ responsible kids.

I’m sure that more thought and details went into these handmade Back to School Notice Boards. I think they are so cute, I want one for myself.

Some moms are just awesome, aren’t they?

DIY Back to School notice boards
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