St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Cookie Recipe

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Sometimes, Martha Stuwart’s website is a source for creative ideas.

Like when you’re thinking about what activities to do with a little girl at home during spring break, while the wind is gushing 40-50 miles/hr (60-80 km/hr) outside.

Well, it will be St. Patrick’s Day this Tuesday, March 17. I was inspired by Martha’s St Patricks Day recipe for ‘classic sugar cookies’, dressing them up as ‘clover’ or ‘shamrock cookies’.

These St. Patricks Day cookies look fun, and better still, it looks like it’s a really easy recipe.

shamrock cookies

St Patrick's Day Recipes

Find the video tutorial here for this wonderful kids project for St Patricks day.

Together with my earlier posted Leprechaun marionette craft project, these two St Patricks day kid crafts will lead to a lovely afternoon.

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