Inspiration for Making Beaded Jewelry


We live in the age of treasuring DIY, handmade things, ideally from recycled materials. It’s a global trend, which I think is here to stay. Within this context, buying and/or making beaded jewelry has to be making a uber-tidal wave right now. Colorfully glittering rhinestones and adhesive crystal jewels to personalize iphones, ipads, pencil cases, shoes, handbags and nails is totally ‘in’. And when I say ‘beaded jewelry’ don’t limit your thinking to necklaces, bracelets, rings, key fobs, bag charms and iphone accessories. Beads can be and are literally added everywhere.

Inspiring new jewelry ideas are born everyday. As well, I spot new kind of beads as well as classic seed beads and crystal beads. Glue-on beads being a main one, as are iron-on. Online, at my fave Beads and Crystals DIY stores feature beautiful Swarovski crystal hot-fix transfers designs to iron-on to your clothing.

Actually, adding beads or ready-made jewelry a very innovative albeit simple way of adding value to a simple dress or jacket. Makes a simple jacket into designer wear. Seeing them in the window dressing really lifted my spirit for the festive season. Since it is a fashion trend, nobody would seem out of place or overdressed even when spotted wearing them as day wear.

Movies with their colorful wardrobe designs stimulated jewelry fashion, from beaded bras to diamond-studded friendship bracelets.  Designing such beautiful costumes for movies is an art. It’s both a trend-spotting and a trendsetting art. Dresses, fancy headgears, gloves and corsets studded with sparkling jewels, crystal stones, rhinestones, sequins, lace, fur and feathers in vivid colors for famed musicals on screens. Or, getting the right kind of jewelry fashion from the street int he scene. No matter what movie you watch, it’s a great way to pick up some ideas and get inspiration for developing your own beaded jewelry.

Besides movies, actually lingerie makers, like Victoria Secret as well as others, have become jewelry- studding fashion trendsetters. Who does not yet have a bra with decorative crystal-beaded straps? If you don’t, no worries, just sew some on today, and you’ll be right on the trend. Handmade is best and the favored jewelry style today.

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