Surprise your Kids with these Top Creative Gifts

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The 1500+ free craft tutorials here at Fine Craft Guild allow you to create any kind of handmade gifts. However, if you want to complement your handmade gifts with store-bought goodies, here are some well-priced, wonderful gifts for creative people and kids. (& just the right gifts for that one last person on your list).

Top Creative Gifts for Girls

Honestly, I don’t know any young girl who would not want an elastic band loom kit to make fantastic bracelets and go up 10 notches in popularity in school because of it. Loom bands are all the rage in both North America and here in the UK.

This Rainbow Loom is the #1 bestselling gift at both Michael’s and Amazon. The loom lets you make bracelets from rubber bands. So cool! Amazon has the best prices ranging from $15-23. Qualifies for free shipping for orders over a certain $ amount or Amazon prime. [… more info] 


DIY Fashion Headbands are also in the Top 10 Toys. It’s another great creative gift for girls. Again, this is a toy that would suit both a 5 year old as well as a 10 year old, so you can go wrong with it. $15. Perfect gift. [… more info


Top Gifts for a Boys

If girly things are not suitable for your child, then a bestselling Christmas gift toy that would perhaps be more suitable for boys: Elenco Electronics SCP-14 Snap Circuits Strobe Light & Sound Kit. Good for age 8 – 15 years. A bit more expensive at $67.

This is a gift just for boys! I know of some girls who would adore getting this from Santa. It would make top creative gifts for kids of any gender.

More Christmas Gift Ideas

What else can I tell you? For other gift ideas and particularly gifts for adults, oh, it so depends on the nature of the relationship, hobbies and interests of the receiver.

Click this image from our affiliate, Amazon, and see a whole bunch of great ideas appear. Today is an EXCELLENT day for shopping before the mad, real-last minute shopping rush starts. 

Happy shopping, and then come back here to the Fine Craft Guild for something creative that you can make. We have over 1500 patterns and ideas here! There has to be something that you wish to make … today! CheckChristmas Crafts & Ideas’ for a good start on where to begin.

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