How fun: Finger knitting projects! Now that you’ve the finger knitting directions, let me give you some creative ideas. Here are a whole bunch of gorgeous finger knitting projects, using this fun technique.

Finger knitting usually results in smaller projects, offering a great way to use up bitty bits of left over yarn, to recycle and to make accent accessories.

Here are different finger knitting projects and ideas. Finger knitting is really a cool crafts for kids, any time of the year.

Finger Knitting Projects

Finger Knitting Project 1: Shamrock Clover
finger knitting st patrick s day crafts

Finger Knitting Project 2:
Chain Necklace
finger knitting projects necklaces

Finger Knitting Project 3:
Table Rug


finger knitting projects

Finger Knitting Project 4:
finger knitting projects

How to Finger Knit
Step-by-step Tutorial
finger knitting projects

Finger Knitting Project 6:
finger knitting project

Finger knitting project 7:
Play Labyrinth
finger knitting projects

Finger Knitting Project 8:
Finger Knitting Idea: Summer Tent

finger knitting projects garden tent

Finger Knitting Project 9:
Decorative Pillows with Knitted word applique
finger knitting projects decorative pillows
Finger Knitting Project 10:
placemats . Work with fine finger knitted materials and weave it in circles to make coasters and placemats. This placemat is made with a spool, as per the shamrock project.

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Finger Knitting Project 11:
: Happiest & Luckiest Rainbow Scarf

rainbow scarf finger knitting projects

Finger Knitting Project 5:
Hip Necklace for Summer
finger knitting projects necklaces


Finger Knitting Projects

1. You could make a string so long that you could create a labyrinth in your own back yard, and other such uses. :-) (btw. This finger knitting champion is just seven years old and the string is an entire skein’s worth. Yes, finger knitting (as well as spoon knitting and finger weaving) is perfect for kids and all beginner knitters.)

2. Chunky garlands in pink for girl bedrooms some to mind as a whimsical alternative use of the super-long finger knits, or how about draped over a bed lamp shade? Or twirled and sewn onto a throw pillow, for a matching bedroom set. OK. I better make this for you, as I sure can’t find any pictures yet of this idea.

3. The most common project of finger knitting is to make a loopy scarf.  I quite dig this candy colored version. So, while this looks like a wonderfully chunky necklace to me, the idea of the knitter is actually to use it as a garland to decorate her house in Winter.

4. Now that it’s the season of chunky necklaces, learn how to make this comfy, chunky finger knitting necklace ~ pattern. Make great craft gifts!

5. Consider finger knitting with hemp rope instead of yarn. It is very thin and so the result will be very loopy. Attach two single pieces of hemp on either side and add 2-3 beads to the cord plus necklace findings to finish of this project. Tip of the trade: (see the picture) the bigger beads hide the knots of where the single hemp rope is attached to the knitted rope segment.


1 Finger Knitting Champion of the World

3 Making Chicken Salad

4 Tricotin

5 Elizabeth Carroll

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