Make friendship necklaces for you & your BFF – easy tutorial

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Make matching beaded, knotted friendship necklaces for all your friends. Wear them with your friendship bracelets. Learn how. This free jewelry-making tutorial shows you how to make knotted hemp necklaces. Matched with your many friendship bracelets, they are fun summer accessories.

I’m letting my Dutch roots shine here and am featuring a Royal Dutch -inspired beaded necklace. This one is as contemporary as Anthropologie, but with distinct Dutch features:

  • 1. White / blue porcelain beads resembling its famous Delft blue porcelain pottery
  • 2. Blue trim, symbolising royalty, but also friendship, honesty, trustworthiness.
beaded jewelry : knotted friendship necklaces for you and your BFF

These kind of lacy-triple wired necklaces look really fun. And are fun to make.

Friendship Necklaces

Jewelry-Making Materials Needed


Porcelain beads

Pick blue – white to get this look. Opt for about 9mm beads

Hemp cord

Look for Hemptique or Darice

1/4″ sheer Ribbon

Pick blue to get this look.

Beaded Necklace Making Tutorial

Step-by-Step – How to Make Double Stringed Necklaces

beaded jewelry :: Make friendship necklaces wth beads, lace and knotted hemp

1. Measure your desired length of your necklace (N).  Add 5 inches to make the knots. If you want to add a lot of knots, add more than 5 inches. (+5). Now cut a piece of hemp string that is 2xN + 10 inches.

2. Fold the rope double and begin knotting off the loop for your closure. Make the opening just slightly bigger than your beads, so that it will stay snugly closed.

3. String on 1 bead on one of the strand. Tie a knot with the two strings after about 1 inch or so.

4, Repeat 3, but make the loop slightly larger.

5. Repeat 4, and make the loop slightly larger again.

6. String on 3 beads, of which the center bead should be slightly larger than the other two.

7. Repeat 3-5 in reverse order.

8. Add one more bead and close the final loop. Make that loop as big as is needed for your necklace to have the desired length. Tie a bunch of knots next to one another to give it that ‘end’-look. Cut off any excess string.

9. Now, with your sheer ribbon, add knots over the hemp rope knots, all the way around. Cut off any excess ribbon, and you’re done!

beaded jewelry :: necklaces

Here’s a picture of the necklace with the hemp strand 1, hemp strand 2, and ribbon strand 3.

Use recycled materials in your friendship necklaces

I made this necklace with some recycled materials! The lace is from an old pair of fancy Benetton socks that had ribbons to keep them up. One of the ribbons came out in the wash, and I could not be bothered stringing the ribbon back into the sock. I’m happy to wear it around my neck instead. (smile).

Anyhow, the ribbon that I am suggesting to you in the materials section is of a nicer quality, but my recycled sock ribbon makes this even more personal as a gift for my BFF. (Yes, I washed the ribbon before using it! ha ha). So, feel free to incorporate something that belongs to you into your friendship necklaces. It makes for more unique pieces!

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