Make apple earrings for the teacher (Easy DIY Jewelry)


Make these delightful apple earrings at any time, but they make particularly good Christmas, Friendship, Back-to-School accessories, or Teacher Appreciation Gifts.


The gold and the apple theme offer a good balance between seriously respectable and happily frivolous. Plus, these earrings are just the right length for shorter hairdo’s. Isn’t that perfect for teachers (or clever school girls) ???!!

What I personally particularly like about the earrings I have created here is the Chinese painting on the red beads, as well as the light-weight nature of wooden beads.

As per normal for the Fine Craft Guild -projects, these earrings are super-easy to put together. Took me more time to make the photos than to design and make the earrings.

What You’ll Need to Make these Earrings

Jewelry Making Supplies

  1. Two Red Round Wood Beads. Be sure that your apple beads are large enough to make a statement. Option: with a Sharpie, Bleach and other color markers, make your own design on the wooden beads.
  2. Two or Four Gold-plated Leaf-bead Charms
    Note:   My leaves came as a set of two that you simply pinch together. I could not find this particular kind online. However the leaves in the link that I am providing here are even better.
  3. Two 22K Gold Plated Head Pins (22 Gauge/1.5 Inches)
  4. Two of these: Gold-Filled Fish Hook Earring Hooks or Gold-Plated Fish Hook Earring Hooks
  5. Two or for: Red Seed Beads

Jewelry Making Tools

  1. Round-nose Jewelry Pliers

Tip: For happy jewelry making, get a good pair of pliers from the get-go!

Apple Earrings:  Jewelry Making Tutorial

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Collect all your materials and make sure that the sizes of the various elements are compatible. E.g. I had to add a seed bead to the bottom of my apple as the core of the wooden beads were too large for my pins.

Step 2: String a seed bead and then the Apple bead followed by one or more gold (plated) leaves. and the earring hoop.

Step 3: With your round-nose pliers, make a loop at the end of the pin, securing the leaves and the earring hoops in the circle. Voila.

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