DIY Designer Pearl Cuff Bracelet


$595.00 for a Jean-François Mimilla designer bracelet? DIY tutorial here.

This cool pearl and metal loop cuff caught my eye when on break. Understatedly elegant and contemporary.


I followed the link and found only a  simpler version with only pearl beads for sale at for $595. I own some very nice jewelry, so I’m OK with things having their price tag, particularly when they come from Paris, but this … but with this price tag here, now, I’m not OK.

Each piece of jewelry comes with it’s own personal handmade box and the pearls are ‘antique’, but that’s a lot to pay extra for gift wrapping.  The verdict = gorgeous, but unreasonably expensive. And the step-by-step how-to ‘tutorial’ instructions instantly came to mind….

Free Pearl Bracelet Cuff – Jewelry Making Tutorial

1. Measure your wrist first, so you know the size your cuff should be.

2. Sew 20 strands of freshwater pearl beads onto to piece of stretch fabric.

3. Sew 3 rows of 12 chain loops on top of fabric section.

I’d divide the length 40/60 between the chained fabric and the pearls.

Where to Buy:

For vintage beads, stop by your local Salvation Army and pick up one of those dated multi-stand necklaces.

For very inexpensive new, freshwater pearls, shop here:

Silver -plated Chain $1.92

Click on any image and be able to browse other colored pearls and different types of chain.

Grey pears strand – learn more or purchase on Amazon

Indeed. You can make your own for about $15 or a bit more depending on the pearls you chose. Smile!

if you make this bracelet we’ d love to see it.

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