Design Your Own T-shirt a la Anthropologie

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Here is a free tutorial on ‘How to design your own T-shirt a la Anthropologie’, with tulle flower embellishments. It’s a great way to create that wizzi-di-wow Anthropologie-look for a budget that suits your wallet: it costs nothing. The design is the brain-child of Becca from BlueCricketDesign.

Today’s fashion is all about applying your own creativity rather than ‘some designer’s. And to make this embellished t-shirt does not take much more than a good dose of fun & play. You’ll create a unique wearable art piece that way. So, follow Becca’s ideas, but be sure to give it your own twist also.

how to design your own t-shirt

Craft Materials Needed

What you’ll need to design your own tshirt a la Anthropologie, similar to this example here:

  • T-Shirt
  • 1/2 yard of Tulle (or other fabric), in colors that either harmonize or contrast with the t-shirt color
  • Some fabric paint , in colors that either harmonize or contrast with the t-shirt color
  • Old plastic bag – to wad into a ball and to use to apply the fabric paint in big ‘dots’
  • Piece of old card stock – to stick into the t-shirt to avoid the paint to go thru to the other side
  • Sewing Machine (love this one) to finish the project faster, but this could be sown by hand also.
  • Coordinating thread.

How to design your own T-Shirt a la Anthropologie

how to design your own tshirt

In short:

  • Dab paint onto the t-shirt where you want the tulle decoration. This will give depth to your design. Let it dry for 2 hours.
  • Then, cut a strip of 1″ tulle and zigzag it over the area where you want the tulle decoration, or use any other form of symmetrical stitching. Any kind of embroidery will offer a second visual layer. Secure the tulle with thread by (hand-)sewing it on.
  • Curl strips of   tulle (or other fabric) into roses and pin them on top of the painted, tulle backdrop. Sew them on without being all too neat, to create an artsy look to it all.  The largest Rosette called for a length of about 20″ long.

To create a rosette you simply fold and pin as you circle the center. Each fold will add a “petal” layer until finally you’ve come to the end of your tulle and you’ve created a beautiful flower!

how to design your own tshirt

Voila. You’re done. Design your own tshirt a la Anthropologie, that was easy, right?!

Meet our Inspirational T-shirt Designer

Source/photos: Becca of BlueCricketDesign is the designer of this wonderful T-shirt.

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