Here’s how to make a DIY tie dye heart t-shirt

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T-shirts like this fashionable graphic heart tee are perfect tops to wear. To wear outside in summer. Or inside, as a PJ, in winter. Easy to make too. In fact, this t-shirt was a 5 minute DIY.

DIY tie-dye heart tshirt

If you ever tie dyed a -T shirt before, this last statement might raise your eyebrows. It is however true.The secret is to use a product called Tumble Dye.

Is the prime quality of this dye is that is leaves your dyed t-shirt nice and soft after dying (i.e. not stiff, unlike other dyes) ??? Or is the fact that it is non-toxic and environmentally safe? Or that it makes no mess and takes just minutes to create?

I guess all of the above.

This easy and permanent tie-dye can be used on fabrics, ribbon, lace, trims, silks, dried flowers, baskets, wood, paper and other surfaces. Because it is a pre-mixed tie-dye, it eliminates the need of rubber gloves, salts and tubs of hot water. No mixing involved. You don’t need buckets. Instead, you create your tie-dye design by spraying, dipping, or painting.

Dye Colors

If you mix colors or dilute with water, you will get even more color options. Although there are several other sets of colors beyond the one I am showing you here. Click the link above and you will see them all.

How to Make Your Dye Heart T-shirt

How does it work? For a graphic dye heart t-shirt as shown here, make a heart-shaped stencil and place it on top of your shirt. (In contrast, for a typical tie-dye shirt, you tie up your shirts, before you add the dye and let it dry. Tip: for best dye-results, let it dry COMPLETELY before removing the rubber bands.) … sorry, that’s a bit of an aside… we’re not doing tie-dying here…

The next step in our project here is important: for this dye to work, it needs heat. After your tie dyed t-shirt is dry, simply heat set in a dryer for 20 minutes or iron with a hot iron.

What are you going to make?

Photo Credit (Dyed t-Shirt): We are thanking this wonderful idea to Ashley from

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