Wall Decor DIY Flower Vases ( …. psst they’re Test Tubes!)

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Look what one of my readers brought in this morning? What a great shot. Isn’t this flower wall decor DIY just the best Zen-like indoor garden? Having loads of flowers in my outdoor garden, I constantly look for ways to take the theme of floral stems indoors as well. These plastic test-tubes are a perfect answer! This gorgeous wall décor DIY constitute a perfect, beautiful and meditative home decoration.

Wall Decor DIY

wall decor diy plastic test tube flower vases

Bring home some rare blue or black roses from the florist, or the treasures from your walk with the dog this morning.  They will all look good in these vases.

The secret formulae to DIY: plastic tubes, a hot glue gun, fishing wire, and some ingenuity.

Photo credit | get the tutorial: Piece of Rainbow


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