Make a luxury decor with this Marbled Eggs Easter DIY

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Hello guys! I am so excited to show of this week’s feature of a beautiful Spring vignette, which is an easy Marbled Eggs Easter DIY. It has a hint of Easter flowers – Spring bloom in mini trees, a fun bird cage, hand-marbled Easter eggs and hand-painted metallic birdies. It is all so adorable.

Feature: Marbled Eggs Easter DIY

Our featured party guest who made this beautiful Spring Easter vignette is  Tammy from ‘One More Time Events’. She dreams big and dares to fail. But in this case, she created a stellar winning design. And I am only showing you my favorite half of it with this photo. There is more…

Spring Easter Flowers Egg Decorations :: How to make metallic marbled eggs ::
Marbled Eggs Easter DIY

Look at the details. Nothing store-bought here. She hand painted those birds. She made the bird nests herself from branches in her garden plants. She even marbled the eggs by herself. Best of all, she shares with us exactly how she made her decorating design elements.


How to Marbled Eggs for Easter – a Recipe

Yeah, more like a recipe than a tutorial. Really! The below photo shows you how are to mix metallic paint with acrylics. These are not your regular marbled eggs but metallic marble eggs.  I just love them. Now I want to make metallic eggs!

Spring Easter Flowers Egg Decorations :: How to make metallic marbled eggs ::
Gorgeous Marbled Eggs — Very Simple DIY with Regular and Metallic Paint

Credit for the above photos goes to Tammy, who posted your free tutorial on how to create this elegant Easter Eggs vignette is here: Congratulations to Tammy with her beautiful display.

The 5 step How-to make Marbled Eggs

How to marble-ize plastic eggs with metallic and acrylic paints

STEP 1: Get your supplies. You’ll need paint, toothpicks and a tin. Paint colors used: Slate Grey Acrylic Paint (made by Americana), Lite Mocha Acrylic Paint (made by Apple Barrel), Mercury Metallic glaze (made by Martha Stewart), and Medallion Metallic glaze (made by Martha Stewart).

STEP 2: Prepare the marble paint in water: Drop the metallic paints and acrylics inIn a water-filled pie-tin. Run a toothpick through the paints to create marble swirls.  

STEP 3: Take a plastic egg and roll it around in the paint, covering the egg completely.

STEP 4: Stick 4 toothpicks in a piece of Styrofoam about a inch apart in a square formation to hold egg in place to dry.

STEP 5: When dry, marvel at your marbled eggs, and put them in to a display, highlighting how each egg is marbled a little differently.

And that’s it!

BTW: if you like Easter & Spring decorating vignettes, be sure to also look at last week’s stunning Easter Mantel How-to, featuring Diane from ‘An Extra-ordinary Day’.

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