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Stop what you’re doing and make this super-cute Valentine decoration. One anyone who owns a pair of scissors and a lill’ bit of rope can pull off.  Go out and cut some branches now. Out of your own garden or pick them up at your friend’s home or the local park… Read on and learn how to make a twig heart. It’s every so easy.

It’s the simple things in life that make it special. Go to it!

Valentine heart wreaths
This love at first sight…

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How to Make a Twig Heart Tutorial

Apparently there is one although I did not see it, nor need it. My 1,2, 3 Tutorial – how to make this is:

Step 1: Cut 8 thin branches of about even length, and tie them together. Don’t tie them at the bottom, but about 1/4-1/3 of the way up.  If needed, take old foliage off first. Branches from climbing or trailing plants work best as they are long, skinny and easily bendable.  Tie them firmly and neatly with a nice piece of rope. Perhaps hide a plastic band under the rope so that it’s extra secure. This first tie is the top center of the heart.

Step 2: Arch half of your branches over to the left, and the other half of them to the right. Now you can see a heart shape forming… Tie all the branches together around the bottom. This tie is the base of your heart.

Step 3: Stick in little red berries for fun, kicks and drama. Stringed red beads or pinkish salt-dough hearts would work just fine also.

valentine heart wreaths

Just look at the picture, folks, and see how it’s made. Looks a million dollars, but it’s sooo simple. Which is exactly what I love about it!!

Marji made my day with this inspirational heart design. Her blog,, has lots of beautiful design inspiration, and is worth a visit. She studied art, and… well, it shows.

Don’t you think?

Happy Valentines’ everyone. 

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