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Bought some darling fabric to sew myself some Spring & Summer outfits.

I have to confess: now that the sun back I’m rather playing outside with my plants and don’t feel like sewing much. But I do need some more light weight summer cloths however.

This skirt pattern could not be better: an elastic waist (read: easy + fast + ugly); with a beautiful waist-band cover-up!

Bingo: made in 30 minutes + looks great!


STEP 1: Cut two piece of fabric that are of the desired skirt length (and add 6 cm)
STEP 2: Sew the pieces together on the sides
STEP 3: Sew a broad tunnel on the top of the skirt, so that a piece of elastic can go through.
STEP 4: Put the elastic through and try it on.
STEP 5: Take a 10 cm wide strip of fabric (length wise) and tie it around your waist. If it is not long enough to be nicely tied, then sew two strips of fabric together. Now you’ll have an extra long waist band, that you are to cut of at the desired sash-length (reminder: allow for a 1.3 cm seam on each side.)
STEP 6: Sew the edges of the waist band and attach it to the skirt on one side.
STEP 7: Try on the skirt with the band on it. Look in the mirror and pin off your skirt at which length you realllllyyy want it to be, now that you see it on.
STEP 8: Sew the bottom hem and you’re done.


Amy Butler’s Soul Blossom Designer Fabric for Rowan Fabrics


I highly recommend the beautiful Rowan Fabrics, which are made with 100% cotton and which have just the most wonderful prints.

(Free skirt sewing ‘pattern’ / ‘tips’)
source idea/image: beccy ridsdel, at Wipster.

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