DIY Photo Pendant


“Oahu, Anthropologie!!” you mind goes when you’ll see these DIY photo pendants.  You could easily find these fine handmade jewels at this designer shop. Yes. It is that sort of hip, unique, and good-quality kind of necklace pendant.

However, there are 2 differences here, that makes these pendants even MORE special than the Anthropologie variety: 1) you could personalize this pendant creating a family heirloom piece; and 2) you could make this photo pendant yourself for the cost of an old photograph and a glass blob pendant, i.e. for ‘cheap’.  Learn how!

Gorgeous Handmade Photo Pendants

photo credit | tutorial at: Sarah Saving

Sarah has a detailed write-up on her blog on how she made this particular necklace pendant. If you’d use the jewelry supplies that I am recommending, it’s even easier: Just glue a portion of your photo in between the bezel and glass that come together as a set (supply #1 below). 

Gift it!

If you want to make a fabulous gift wrap for this handmade jewelry you’ve just made, flip through these 10 free DIY gift boxes you could make ~ incl. instructions and/or templates. While I made this gift wrapping series with XMAS gifts in mind, you sure will be able to use many gift box templates for any other time you will need to ‘m.

These family photo pendants would make stunning, personalized Mothers day gifts that I think my mom would love to get! They would also make fun gifts for girlfriends and other dear family members.

Jewelry Making Supplies Needed

What you’ll need is:

  1. Click this image if you are interested in one that comes with the glass and that’s rather inexpensive. There are tons of other-shaped bezels.

  2. A vintage photo of grandma, or a b/w photo of family members, printed on card stock.  Or, check the graphics fairy if you want to use a vintage image instead of a persona family photo.
  3. For precious vintage family photos, I’d use acid-free yes glue. (it costs more but create professional, long lasting artwork). Otherwise a regular, strong craft glue will do.

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