This Pretty Designer Paper Box Template Makes a Classy Gift

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4. Pretty Designer Paper Fold-over Boxes

Create the best gift wrapping ever with this pretty Designer Paper Box Template.


Photo: Poptastic Bride.

How to Make 1,2,3: print one or both templates for pretty paper boxes. Cut and shape.

Difficulty: easy

For kind of gifts: truffles or small Christmas cakes

About the Designer Paper Box Template:

The boxes in the photos were printed on 8.5″ x 11″ 230 GSM card stock using a standard inkjet but you can print them on any weight paper or board that your printer can handle.

You can resize the templates using Photoshop or any graphics software but when used as is, the assembled box base comes to about 3.5″ square while its height is about 2.5″.

FineCraftGuild’s gift box template

Purchase the gift box template that will give you a box similar to the one in the feature photo. You can print the template with our own flower design, or use the template to cut out the shape on your own favorite scrapbooking card stock. This template is for personal use exclusively and is only $1.

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