Earth Day activities for kids and adults, with gorgeous DIY and craft projects to celebrate & cherish mother Earth.

Every year, Earth Day is April 22. Two years ago, around this time, I made a huge effort to put together 50+ environment-friendly craft and DIY projects. All these recycling crafts & DiY projects look stunningly great and are made of 100% recycled materials.

earth day crafts

Eco-Green Crafts Overview

This multi-part series of recycled crafts is divided by categories. In each part, you will find having a handful or more recycled | upcycled | refashioned creative DIY tutorials.

PART 1 Recycled Craft Ideas for Desk Accessories

recycled magazine coasters
in box)

PART 2 Unique Furniture and Home Decorations Made from Recycled Materials

direct recycled dresses
as cafe curtains)

PART 3 – Recycled Crafts for Kids

Re-styled hair crunchie)

PART 4 – Personal Accessories Made with Recyclables

(image: recycled magazines

PART 5 – Recycling Crafts for the Garden.

(image: birdnest
reused bottle & bark)

FINAL PART – Great Recycling Tutorials for Eco Artists

(image: recycled
paper yarn)

TEASER: I’m showing you just a few photos but there, but click each of the above links and discover that there are MANY lovely & interesting eco-green projects to be made. Discover them all.

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