50+ Cool Recycled Crafts – part 5: Learn how to make your own supplies

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Learn here how to make newspaper yarn, or T-shirt yarn…. It’s getting more and more creative! This is the  last part of the series of ’50+ Cool Recycled Crafts’.  

I’ve dedicated it to a special category: on How to make recycled craft tools and supplies. These are special tutorials.

Great Recycling Tutorials for Eco Artists

how to make newspaper yarn

How to Make Yarn from Recycled Newspaper ( tutorial ) You will never look the same at a stack of old newspapers after you’ve given this a try: making your own newsprint yarn.The texture and feel of this yarn is quite different than say ‘wool’ or ‘acrylic’, and so the uses for it also are quite different.

I’d love for you to experiment with paper yarn and share pictures of your result with us. If you’ll let us, we can feature your photos on FineCraftGuild.

How to Make T-shirt Yarn  – EXCELLENT tutorial, and techniques can be applied to many other projects other than the one shown here.

T-shirt yarn lets to make home decor projects that work up super fast and that make a contemporary statement.  T-shirt yarn has become so popular that you can buy that yarn.

Or you can simply make your own: Get a new life out of old sweatshirt. You’ll realize that not all t-shirt qualities are the same, and vary in thickness. Use that to your advantage and create the ‘variegated yarn’-effect as you are linking t-shirt yarn from various sources.

fused recycled plastic bags

How To Fuse Plastic (Bags): There are several tutorials on this, but this appears to be one of the best.

50+ Cool Recycled Crafts

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Happy Recycling!

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