How to make: stylish cord turk knot bracelet

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In the mood for a project? How about some fashion jewelry?  Let this Turk Knot Bracelet tutorial inspire you and make a couple of them for you and your friends.  These bracelets make great gifts!

Handmade Jewelry with a Nautical Look

Your jewelry can not get much  more trendy than with this wrist Turk Knot Bracelet.  I personally love nautical jewelry as it goes so well with my blue-white stripe obsession!  I have an anchor necklace, and steering wheel earrings, and a Turk Knot Bracelet like this just finishes the set so nicely.   To accentuate the nautical look, you’ll have to use either  cotton cord, or use an off-white yarn for this project.

Choose Right Size Bracelet for Your Wrist


Tip: Yes, materials matter. When using stretchy material such as recycled fabric, elastic cord, t-shirt yarn, or knitted i-cord, be sure to make it slightly tighter than you’d like it to be, as the material will stretch over time making your bracelet bigger / too big.

In contrast, when using pure wool-roven for this Turk head knot bracelet, be sure to make it quite a bit larger than you’d like it to eventually be, as the material will shrink over time, and become more felted.

The 1,2,3 Quick How-to

1. Loop cord twice around a block / tube the size of your wrist.

2. For 3rd loop, twist existing 2 cord strands once and slide 3rd strand in between.  (see image)

3. Repeat till finished 2 full rounds and the knot has 2 strings on either side of the forming V pattern.


Really easy to make.

Image credit / slideshow on how to make the Turk Head knot: Animated knots

Updated from its first publication in 2012.

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