Beach in a pot: sheer garden summer crafts magic!

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Beach Crafts, summer crafts … what the difference? No matter. These summer garden beach crafts can help you create that summer breeze into your home, even if you don’t want to transform your entire home into a beach shack

Today I am starting a series of Beach Garden Summer Crafts – ideas with free tutorials and templates.

Summer Home Decoration

Further to my article on how to create a beach house, no matter where you life, I thought to dream up a few beach craft projects for you.  Want some beach-theme crafts to transform your home into a beach house?

OK. Let’s begin with bringing the beach home. Even if you yearn for the beach but live miles inland, you can re-create the beach look easily in a pot.

Sunset's Beach in a Pot - Easy DIY Gardening Project featured at
1. Beach in a pot (summer home garden decoration craft)

Thank you, Sunset, for this great beach garden summer crafts – idea. I think it looks lovely and is real easy to create.

All you’ll need is 3 small, drought-resistant, seaside plants (4” nursery pots); a low & wide 14” pot or bowl; potting soil for the bottom half of your pot and in-between your plants; beach sand as the top mulch; plus some driftwood or other beach treasures, such as sand dollars, sea stars and shells.


1. If you get your beach sand straight from the beach, you will need to rinse it several times to get rid of the sea salt in it.  Or you can buy a 1-1.5 kg bag of horticultural-grade washed sand.

2. When shopping for plants is the time to contemplate the grouping of your potted arrangement. Choose 3 plants that together make a nice composition. In the picture here, we have curvy sea grass for drama and splash; flanked by a second plant with tall stems to give the arrangement some height, and a third plant that has fat round leaves, for texture and composition. 

3.  Water the plants weekly with a narrow-sprouted watering can, so your sand will stay on top. Otherwise, you might need to keep a bit of extra sand at hand to fix your arrangements from time to time, hiding the top soil underneath.

Next summer craft project

‘How to make a waterproof summer picnic blanket’ will be posted in a day or so.

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